New Year Eve party for children should be entertaining and keep the little ones happy throughout the night. Go through the article to get New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids.

New Year Eve Party Ideas For Children

Most of the kids want to stay awake until the midnight and join in the fun, with their elders, on New Year’s Eve party. However, quiet often, they feel bored and lost amongst the activities of the grown-ups. Hence, throwing a New Year’s Eve party for kids is a nice idea, which will keep them happy and entertained on the last day of the year. In this article, we have given some New Year’s Eve party ideas for children. Follow these ideas, setting up an enthralling atmosphere in the venue and enjoying the night with your little guests!
New Year's Eve Party Ideas For Kids
Since kids are the focus of your New Year’s Eve party, the invitation should be as colorful as possible. Buy invitations as per the theme of your party. You can even personalize the invitations by adding the host’s name and age. Pasting stickers on the invitations is another good idea. Three-dimensional invitations are in vogue these days. For instance, you can send a note in a bottle enclosed - for a Pirate theme Party or a toy dinosaur attached to the Dinosaur party invitation. Whatever be the form of invitation, make sure to mention the party info clearly – the date, venue, time and theme.
Add a dash of color and excitement to the party by decorating the whole venue with helium-filled balloons and ribbons. Welcome the guests with a big New Year banner on the entrance. To help your guests identify the venue, tie 3-4 balloons at the gate. Decorate the tables with party-ware sets, consisting of table cloths, matching paper plates, cups and tissues. Add a couple of confetti on each of the tables. Do make sure that the centerpiece fits the theme.
Keep the menu simple. While deciding the food for the party, concentrate on what kids love to eat. The food should not be too heavy, as kids spend their maximum time by playing games with their friends. Include lots of snacks, such as popcorn, pizza and burgers, in the menu, along with ice-creams and of course, the New Year cake!
Activity Ideas (New Year’s Time Capsule)
Kids will find it a lot of fun to make the New Year’s Time Capsule. Get a shoebox or a container that can be sealed and stored away, to make the time capsule. Ask the kids to bring an item to be placed in the time capsule. This could be pictures of themselves, magazines clippings, newspaper cuttings, their favorite Bible Story, a list of favorite things, a list of best friends, a paragraph about what they want to be in the future etc. After the time capsule is filled, set a date on which the container shall be opened. Seal the container and either bury it or place it at a special place in your home, like garage or attic.
Party Favors
Kids would love to exchange party favors on New Year's Eve. Blowing bubbles, New Year calendar, crackers, party horns, candies, lollipops, poppers and sparklers may be included as party favors. Gift-wrap the favors, put them in colorful bags, write the guests’ name on top and decorate the boxes with stickers. Distribute the favors to your guests at the end of the party.

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