Children tea parties are amongst the best ways to prepare your child for social life. Read on to get some tips and ideas for planning your kids’ tea party.

Children Tea Parties

A tea party is one of the best ways to develop the social skills of a child. Through such a party, your kid learns to interact with other kids of the same age and thus, begins her journey as a member of the society. Since a child is very small for planning a tea party on her own, it is mainly the mommies who are entrusted the responsibility of making all the arrangements. Right from deciding on the type of invitation to the theme, she is expected to take care of everything. In case you are also a mommy of small kids and looking for ideas for your children’s tea parties, you have landed at just the right article. Browse through the following lines and get tips for planning kids’ tea party.
Children Tea Party Ideas and Tips
  • First of all, decide on the day, time and venue of your child’s tea party. The best day will be Saturday or Sunday, around 5 pm and in the lawn of your house.
  • Next, will be the invitation. Since it is your kid’s birthday party, let her write the invitation too (of course, with your help). The best idea will be to get it handmade, in her handwriting. However, if you are planning to invite too many of her friends, you can take resort to the market. A very cute idea is to add a flavored tea bag to the invitation card.
  • If you want to do something different, go for a theme tea party. Some of the most popular themes are princess tea party, garden tea party, Victorian tea party, etc. Make sure to give details about the theme in the invitation, so the kids come dressed accordingly.
  • Decoration is important while conducting all the parties, including a tea party. If you have a theme, decoration will be done accordingly. The basic décor includes tables adorned with fancy table cloth, flowers, centerpiece and elegant cutlery. If the party is in the garden, you can also provide the shade of an umbrella over every table.
  • Tea party, without a beautifully decorated tea tray, is as good as incomplete. Make sure to place the saucers in such a way that they don't touch one another. You can keep a tiny bouquet of flowers in the middle of the tray too. Have a good variety of snacks, which look as good as they taste.
  • To keep the kids busy, you need to have some interesting games at the party, keeping the basic essence of social interaction in mind. Playing cards, dumb charades, scrabble, monopoly, quiz and pictionary are some of the most popular kids’ games.
  • Last part of a tea party comprises of the party favors. Some of the most popular favors are personalized tea mugs, porcelain saucer sets, tea flasks, tea pot covers, decorated tea trays, sugar cube sets, etc.

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