Party games for young boys contain an element of excitement in them. Explore the article to get some fun party games ideas for young boys.

Party Games For Young Boys

Boys play games in a different way, as compared to girls. They tend to be energetic, competitive and full of enthusiasm, when it comes to playing games at a party. Most boys would love to get wet, dirty and do physical exercises during the game. This is why party games for young boys are specially designed to boost the excitement in them. If you are looking for some ideas on the most appropriate party games for young boys, the following lines will come handy.
Fun Party Game Ideas For Young Boys
Scavenger Hunt
Things Needed
  • Pencils
  • Scavenger Hunt List 
  • Divide the boys into teams, with two to three members in each of them.
  • Make copies of the scavenger hunt list and pass on to each team.
  • Assign different territories for each team. Ensure that you create the necessary boundaries, if the game is played outdoors.
  • Set a time limit, within which, each team has to locate and find the items given in the list.
  • The team that finds the maximum number of items within the given time is declared the winner. 
Hit The Paint Ball
Things Needed
  • Balloons
  • Water-soluble Red and Blue Paints 
  • Fill the balloons with water soluble paints. Half the balloons should be filled with red paint and the other half, with blue paint.
  • Divide the boys into two teams - the red and the blue team.
  • To identify the teams, give each of the members tie bands, in their team’s color.
  • Ask the teams to assemble, facing each other.
  • As the game starts, the boys should try to hit members of the other team with the balloons.
  • When a participant is hit, he is out of the game.
  • The team with the most number of dry players, by the end, wins the game. 
Suitcase Relay
Things Needed
  • Suitcases (the same number as the number of teams)
  • Clothes - pants, shirts, jackets, coats and hats 
  • Divide the boys into teams, with five people in each team.
  • Ask the team members to stand in separate queues.
  • Fill the suitcases with clothes. Make sure that each of them contains equal number of clothing items.
  • Place the suitcases for each team on the turn-around line.
  • When you say, “Go!” the first player of each team runs to the suitcase, opens it and puts on all the clothes packed inside it. Thereafter, he shuts the suitcase, grabs it and runs back to the starting line.
  • After reaching the starting line, he removes the clothes he has put on, keeps them back into the suitcase, picks it up and runs back to the turn- around line, where he leaves the suitcase.
  • After running back to his team, he asks the next player in his team to repeat the steps that he has done.
  • The team, which finishes first, wins the game.

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