Are you having a slumber party at your house this weekend? If the answer is yes, check out the games ideas given below to have lots of fun.

Slumber Party Games

Slumber party is one of the best ways for kids as well as youngsters to spend time with each other. Infact, having a night out at a friend’s place helps them get closer to each other. Also known as a Pajama Party, a slumber party is all about remaining awake the entire night and having fun. Apart from gossiping, singing songs and telling jokes, the best way to enjoy is to play some games. Now, the question is which games to play. To provide the answer to this question, we have written this article, with a number of slumber party games for you to play & enjoy.
Slumber Party Games
Find the Killer
  • For playing this game, you need to have a fairly large group of people and a pack of playing cards. Now, remove 3 jacks and 3 kings from the pack. Pick out a leader and let him distribute the cards, with only 1 jack and 1 king, amongst the participants.
  • The person who receives the king is the ‘killer’ and the one who receives the ‘jack’ is the ‘doctor’.
  • All the participants close their eyes and the leader tells the killer to open his eyes and asks him whom he wants to kill. He silently points towards the person who will be his victim. Thereafter, killer closes his eyes again.
  • Now, the leader tells the doctor to open his eyes and asks him whom he wants to save. He silently points towards the person whom he believes to be the victim. The person whom he point towards will not die in that game. Thereafter, the doctor closes his eyes again.
  • Next, the leader asks everyone to open their eyes. He then tells them who the victim was. If the doctor failed to save him, the victim goes out of the game. Otherwise, he stays.
  • Finally, the leader asks the group whom do they believe to be the killer and vote accordingly. Whoever the majority votes for is out of the game, whether he was or was not the killer.  
  • One of the persons in the group is selected as the doctor. He is asked to leave the room for sometime.
  • Now, the rest of the group gets together and decides the disease or problem the members are going to have.
  • After the group decides on the disease, the doctor is called inside the room.
  • Now, the doctor goes from person to another and asks some questions, with the aim of finding the disease.
  • If he manages to guess the disease, he wins and if he doesn’t, he loses the game.  
Toy Game
  • Each and every person who is invited to the party is asked to bring along a toy/stuffed animal.
  • One person is chosen as the leader. He takes the toy/stuffed animal from all the participants and put them in the center of the room.
  • Now, all the participants are blindfolded and asked to pick their own toy/stuffed animal from the bundle.
  • The one who find his own toy/stuffed animal from the bundle, in the least time, is declared the winner.

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