Sleepover parties can be huge fun and a perfect time for girls to catch up and unwind in an entertaining way. Check out the fun & interesting things to do at a slumber party.

Fun Things To Do At Sleepover Party

Whether you are hoping to evade the latest heartache or just looking for an excuse to reunite with your gal pals, a sleepover party can be the perfect bet to enjoy a relaxing, fun time over a weekend or a holiday. Sleepover parties are huge fun, and why not? They sum up as perfect excuse for girls to catch up on each other and have a blast together! Just dump the clichéd pillow fight sleepovers and indulge in some serious pampering and story swapping over a girl’s night in to have a gala time together. Girl just love those rare moments of precious hours spend with their girl mates, reclining over their favorite flick  or simply coiling up in bed with steaming series of coffee and gossiping their heart out, sans any reservations.  If you have been entertaining an idea for a sleepover party of late, here are some exciting ideas to catch up with. Read them to have a real fun time.
Interesting Things To Do At A Slumber Party
Beauty Binge On!
Girls can’t help but go gaga over beauty indulgences and what better time and place than a sleepover party to bang on into some serious beauty faire and get beaming. Just get all your gal pals over and binge on some relaxing beauty treatments, like facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and more. Dig into funky nail art or soothing pedicures for a memorable night-in. You can pep up spa like ambience with aromatic candles, loads of face packs, lotions and fragrances. You can ask your friends to get their favorite nail colors, face packs, foot scrubs and more for options.
It’s Showtime Girls!
Nothing can be more unwinding and fun than couching with friends to make a celluloid splash! Gang up your girl friends and put up a night show at your place. You can get in their favorite rom-coms or even horror flicks for real fun. And yes don’t forget to keep the popcorn handy!
Tune In
If your girl pals swear by music, hosting a musical slumber party is going to be a sure rage! Grab some of your friends’ favorite musical CDs and play it on, while your girls jig and jump to its beat or simple sway under its melody. To add more fun to it, you can plan out some innovative musical games and even arrange for a karaoke contest to know the hidden singer amongst you.
Hog On
Girls just bond over almost anything, clothes, beauty and yes, food too! Flaunt your culinary skills by hosting a sleepover party that offers your gal pals some food for thought. You can stir up wonderful cookies, desserts, ice creams, soups and stews, main course menus to get your pals drooling. You can also ask your friends to get their best treats and have a rollicking time, relishing them later.
Play It On!
No slumber party can be over without its share of exciting fun games. Be it a pillow fight or doing something as building forts out of pillows and blankets, girls tend to find fun in almost anything. You can bond over a game of scrabble to do some mind-searching or get those skeletons out with a match of truth or dare. Other fun games to go for are scavenger hunts, talent shows, mimicry and more.
Hit The Ramp!
No girl will say ‘no’ to something as flashy as hitting the ramp. Just stack up the eyelash curlers, mascara, blusher, lipstick, mousse, hair curlers on and get your gal pals hit the floor. Take turns to deck up your friends, experimenting with styles and looks to get a new makeover sans any expense. To add more fun to it, you can have sashes with titles like ‘glam doll’, ‘punk queen’ or ‘blushing bride’ and award it to your friends. A fancy dress party isn’t a bad idea too!
Get Gossiping
A sleepover part is almost incomplete without some pssst…pssssst, after all that’s what makes girls what they are. Just throw up some cushions and rugs, hoard up something to munch on and your favorite drinks and juices and get going with some serious healthy and harmless gossiping. This is indeed one story-swapping session that is likely to leave you and your gal pals rejuvenated with something more to talk on.

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