Make your sweet 16 party enthralling with some fun activities for your friends. Read onto find some exciting ideas for things to do at your sweet sixteen parties.

Things To Do At Your Sweet Sixteen Parties

Turning sixteen is a landmark in the life of a person. It is a transition from an adolescent to a young adult. Teenagers celebrating their sixteenth birthday rejoice at this milestone age, which is symbolical of growth and independence. It is a moment to celebrate their entrance into the adult world and what better way to celebrate than to have a party. You can go for a normal party bash or plan an exclusive sweet sixteen party with a difference, following the ideas given below. Read onto find some of the things to do at your sweet sixteen parties.
Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas 
  • Go for a different theme for your sweet sixteen party. Plan a murder mystery theme and invite your friends to join you for a night of clue-finding. Theme parties are becoming very famous and something like this would bring in lot of excitement and enthusiasm for all of you. Have scripts and equipment ready for a fun night of murder and mayhem!
  • You can even organize some silly games such as water balloon fights and paint ball tournaments if both your friends and you are more into games and outdoors. These games are perfect as they are fun filled and exciting.
  • If you are more into creativity and have a group of friends, who share the same likeliness, then craft activities would assure you a complete enjoyable package for the party. By organizing fun and easy to do crafts such as necklace making and others, you will provide entertainment as well as a party favor to your guests.
  •  Call on your friends for a night out at your home. Watch DVDs of some of your favorite movies. Order some delicious food and make some popcorn to enjoy it to the fullest. It would be a perfect way to chill. At midnight have a cake cutting ceremony. Nothing can be more exciting than to have your friends around you at the strike of twelve.
  • If you are having a party at a beach, go for all the outdoor fun. Beach volleyball, surfing in the waters, walking on the beach can all be wonderful activities, which you can indulge in.
  • If you are planning the party in summers, what better way to beat the heat and make your birthday special than to have a rain dance party at a local club. Book the party space much in advance and have a blast!

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