Homemade birthday gifts for boyfriend are just perfect for that special occasion. Read on for some handmade birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

If your boyfriend’s birthday is arriving soon and you are completely clueless as to how to make him feel special, we are to here your rescue. Though the markets are flooded with things loved by guys, such as electronic items and other gifts, a handmade gift is very precious. The efforts you put in making the gift will make him feel all the more special! If you are a creative person, then things won’t be that hard for you. However, if you do face problems on that front, read on for some homemade birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.
Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend
  • As guys are tech-savvy and like digital things, use your digital photos and make a gift he will remember forever. Make a montage of your favorite photos with the help of software such as Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Photoshop.
  • If you can knit skillfully, weave a pair of gloves or a hat for your guy. Quilters can piece together a special quilt, while those skilled at needlepoint can make some attractive wall decorations.
  • Another exciting gift idea is preparing a romantic map. For this, make a map of your city and mark all the special places you went together, like the place you went on your first date, first movie hall, favorite restaurant etc. You can give it a rustic look by burning the edges at the corners, which will make it look old. You can present it in a treasure box.
  • A photo key chain is another cute gift idea for your boyfriend’s birthday. For this, take some good snaps of the two of you together and take their small sized prints. Get all the prints laminated with plastic coating, to protect them from water and other damage. After this, punch holes at the top of every photograph and put these into a simple key ring. Give this romantic personalized key chain to your boyfriend.
  • Memory collage is another nice idea. If you are the one who likes to collect souvenirs, like movie tickets, your high school snapshots, gift wrapper, scribbled tissue papers, the first rose, etc, you can certainly make a collage for him. Take a big cardboard piece and stick all these little souvenirs on to it. Decorate it further by drawing hearts and filling up the space with love messages and quotes.
  • A romantic scrapbook is one of the ideal gifts for your boyfriend. You can decorate the scrapbook using innovative ideas, such as pictures, paper flowers, draw sketches, graffiti, quotes and your personal messages on every page. Write your feelings about him.
  • If you are an internet messenger freak, copy and paste all your chats into a word document and take print outs on a good quality paper, with golden edges. Bind the pages into a book and give a romantic title, embossed on the front cover.

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