Instead of gifting something plain & simple, gift your baby a personalized gift that is unique & will be cherished for years. Discover different ideas for personalized baby birthday gifts.

Personalized Baby Birthday Gifts

Are you having a tough time searching for the perfect birthday gift for a baby? Looking for a unique and different gift that can be personalized? Do not fear. Read further and you are sure to be mystified by the numerous gift options available here. Babies are always a source of joy and ecstasy in a family. While the best way to welcome them is by gifting them assorted baby presents, finding a gift for their early birthdays can turn out to be a hectic job. Any of those umpteen gifts available in stores can be given a special touch by personalizing them with a cute birthday message, baby’s name, his/her date of birth or time of birth, and so on. Be it a cute picture frame, warm baby blanket, or stylish clothing, get them personalized and watch the cute chuckle that emerges on both the baby’s and the parents’ face. These would not only be unique and beautiful, they’ll exude incredible closeness only to be treasured for years to follow. Steer through the following lines to find various personalized birthday gift ideas for a baby.
Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas For Baby
Door Name Plates
Available in fun, bright and colorful designs, door name plates are unique personalized gifts for the baby’s bedroom or nursery. You can also personalize door signs with the baby’s name. They make fun accessories on baby’s bedroom or nursery door as well.
Jigsaw Puzzles
As your baby grows, see him solve the puzzle only to find his name embossed on it. You can find jigsaw puzzles made from wood with bright and colorful designs including the baby’s name. Such puzzles generally have a glossy finish preventing the pieces from hurting your baby. Truly a unique and original personalized gift idea for a baby-turning-into-toddler!
Clothes are, indeed, one of the most common presents gifted on a baby’s birthday. But you can add fun and uniqueness to the usual clothes by personalizing them. Get the baby’s name or initials engraved or printed on its clothing, such as shirts, hats, caps, bibs, napkins, frocks, and trousers. Let the baby reveal its own personality with this one-of-a-kind gift.
Baby Blankets
Blankets have been an all-time favorite gift for babies. They are highly personal and appreciated for many years. While everyone is in the race of gifting personalized gifts, why should you be left behind? Add a special and personal value to the regular blankets by getting the baby’s name and vital statistics embroidered on them. Accompany the basics with cute sayings and heartfelt quotes. Not only will the parents of the baby be delighted, it will strength your connection with the baby and the family.
Jewelry is loved by one and all, be it the oldies, youngsters or babies. Right from diamond to gold to silver, there are innumerable options open to gift a baby with a precious piece of jewelry. Monogrammed pendants, stretch alphabet bead, pearl bracelets with baby’s name engraved, and charm pendants featuring the photograph of the baby are some unique ways of delighting parents and their baby.

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