Are you planning to make a baby scrapbook, but wondering where to start from? If yes, read on to learn some baby scrapbook ideas in this article.

Baby Scrapbook Ideas

“The flower that you hold in your hands was born today and already it is as old as you are,” said Antonio Porchia. The arrival of a new born is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world. Nothing can beat the happiness that a mother feels when she learns that she is a mother to be. With the news comes endless dreams for the baby, plans to shape and guide his/her life and pledge to give the baby all happiness possible in life. Given a chance no parent will miss the opportunity of going through the infancy and childhood of their kid all over again. Well, you can’t hold back time, but can always capture unforgettable events of your child growing up. Now it is quite simple to preserve and freeze such memorable moments from your child’s birth, his/ her first step to the time they are a year old. A baby scrapbook is a great way to hold all these special moments, from the first words of your child to the messages and blessings of family members and friends etc. Below are few ideas for baby scrapbooks which you can choose from to create one for your little one.

Ideas For Baby Scrapbook

Portrait Page
You can use the first studio portrait picture of your baby to make a picture frame on the first page of the scrapbook album. Make use of good background paper and two other colour papers, some lace and ribbons. Overlap the two matching papers with the help of the lace or ribbon to obtain a layered look. You can cut blocks out of the other paper which you can use to write letters for your baby.

First Ultrasound
Once you have created the first page of the scrapbook, add in the first ultrasound print to the scrapbook. You can also put the pictures of the mom-to-be and dad-to-be on the day of the ultrasound. You can also attach small notes about your thoughts and feelings on that day.

New Nursery
If you are planning to set up a new nursery for the new born, then the memories can also add up a page or two for the scrapbook. You can take pictures of yourself while shopping for the nursery. You can also paste printouts of lovely nursery designs from the internet. Make a wish list for your baby and paste it in the scrapbook.

Welcome Home
You can dedicate one page of the baby’s scrapbook for the day when the baby entered the house for the first time. You can put pictures of the day your baby was brought home. You can put on your creative feathers and use paper cuttings and other crafts to decorate the page with a paper house, other details of the day. You can also add welcome messages of family members. 

Holiday Page
This is the page which you can dedicate to the first holiday your baby accompanied you in. There is no doubt that you will have plenty of pictures to fill up the holiday page in your scrapbook. You can decorate the section with wrapping paper, ribbons and bows and with other handmade crafts. You can even paste the name of the place you went to and other memorable greetings received by the local people.

The Seasons
This section of the scrapbook can be made out to be the most colourful and attractive section of the scrapbook. For the spring season you can paste the pictures of different flowers and paste your baby’s photos in the centre of each flower. You can make the background sky blue and use cuttings of green paper to add in grass to the spring season. For the winter season you can make snowflakes instead of flowers with your baby’s pictures.

Friends And Relatives
Another page in your scrapbook can be dedicated to family members and friends. You can paste their photographs and their individual messages and greetings for the baby. This will be a fun page for your baby to read once he/she grows up. You can even make a family tree with their messages beside their name or photograph.

Dream Tree
This page can be among the last pages of the scrapbook. Pen down all your dreams and prayers for your child, you can even add pictures relating to the wishes that you make. Decorate it with colourful papers, ribbons and handmade drawings and crafts.

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