Since times immemorial, swords have been used for defending oneself and in the sport of fencing. Browse through this article to discover the different types of swords.

Types Of Swords

Remember the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ where Captain Jack Sparrow and other pirates used small knife-like swords to protect themselves from their enemies! Yes, those small knives are broadswords with broad blades and both edges sharpened. While these are related to the pirates, the Japanese known as Samurai warriors used the Samurai swords, heavier than the usual sword types with a slight curve. These are just two of the numerous kinds of swords that are used in different continents across the globe by different countries and groups. In use since ancient times, a sword is a long, edged piece of forged metal consisting of a blade, a hilt, and a crossguard, used for striking, cutting, and thrusting. Right from the 30-inch broadsword measuring up to 72-inch great swords, there are different types of swords. Navigate through the lines herein to learn about some of them.
Different Kinds Of Swords
Originated in the 6th century, the Broadsword is the earliest of the medieval swords. It had a two-edged blade, measuring about 2-3 inches wide at the base and narrowing to a point towards the end of the blade. The length of the Broadsword varied from 30-45 inches with a weight of 3-5 pounds.
Great Sword
A two-handed sword, the Great sword includes an extended handle, allowing the fighter to use the blade in both hands. The Great sword ranges from 50 to 72 inches in length, with a weight of 6-10 pounds. The handle of the sword measures 18-21 inches, which increases the total length of the sword to 68-93 inches.
Bastard Sword
The Bastard sword was designed with such versatility that it was neither categorized into a one-handed nor two-handed weapon. Thus, it was named ‘Bastard’. Also known as the Long Sword, Half Sword, or 1.5 Handed Sword, the sword measured about 44-50 inches in length. The handle measured 10-15 inches in additional length while it weighed 5-8 pounds.
Falchion Sword
Similar to a heavy scimitar, a Falchion Sword was characterized by a short, heavy blade with a single edge. It was often used by some medieval knights and common crusaders. Generally made from iron with steel edges, the Falchion sword measured 37-40 inches in length and weighed 1-2 pounds with a slightly curved blade.
Scimitar Sword
The Scimitar sword was often associated with the Saracens in the Holy Land fighting against the Crusaders. Generally used from horsebacks, Scimitar swords were very effective in slicing attacks. They had a distinguished curved blade that ended with a sharp point measuring 30-36 inches. The blades of the Scimitar sword were designed in two different styles: long, narrow curved blades or deeply curved, very wide blades.
Pistol Sword
Common in Eastern Europe from the 16th to 18th century, Pistol swords were edged weapons with built-in pistols. The Polish cavalry used flintlock axe pistol while similar weapons were made in Hungary. Further, the Germans invented a multi-barrel version of the Pistol swords.
Rapier Sword
A Rapier is a slender, sharp-pointed sword with a single-handed blade, which may or may not have edges. The narrow and long geometry of the Rapier tapers towards the tip, narrowing to a very rigid, sharp point. While the earlier Rapiers were cut-and-thrust swords with simple hilts, the modified versions had elaborated hilts, slender and long blades, and were primarily used for thrusting.
Other Types Of Swords:
  • Anelace
  • Badelaire
  • Bilbo Sword
  • Claymore
  • Cruciform
  • Cutlass Sword
  • Executioner’s Sword
  • Flambergé
  • Flame-bladed Sword
  • Hunting Sword
  • Kriegsmesser
  • Mortuary Sword
  • Saber
  • Sax Sword
  • Shamshir
  • Yatagan 

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