Have you been longing to create gorgeous-patterned baby quilts that once your grandmother made by the fireplace in winters? Find some easy baby quilt patterns with this article.

Baby Quilt Patterns

Your new joy, aka newborn baby, has just arrived. Celebrate this new life by making a baby quilt that will be cherished for years to come. Baby quilts not only make great baby gifts, but they also are great for giving at baby showers. One of the many necessities apart from clothes and toys for mommies-to-be, baby quilt is a treasure that is handed down since generations. Cover the baby cot or crib, place inside the crib, or use it to cover the baby, these beautiful and pretty pieces of treasure have great sentimental value attached. Varying from ducks, alphabet letters, trains, planes, flowers, cartoons, and animals, baby quilts can be made in different designs and patterns. Simple and easy to make, you just have to follow the instructions to come out with a distinguished piece. Browse through the following lines to find some easy patterns for baby quilts.
Easy Patterns For Baby Quilts
Log Cabin Blocks
Quick and easy to make, log cabin block is a colorful idea for a beginner. Cut strips of fabric in different lengths and sew them together. In case you know modern strip sewing techniques, you can complete the quilt as early as in one day. If you wish to keep all strips of the same length, you will have a variant of log cabin blocks, called rail fence pattern.
Four Square Blocks
Simply cut out 12 four square blocks and sew them together. Each block contains four square pieces of fabric sewn together. You can either use similar colored squares or make a multi-colored quilt. Depending upon the solid fabrics, print fabrics, or a combination of the two, you will have different attractive quilts in hand.
Baby Blocks
Let your baby snuggle into the warmth of the English alphabets on chilly nights. As your toddler starts speaking out the first words, expose him to a bright and colorful quilt that includes all the English alphabets from A to Z. Get help from a professional to create alphabets and sew them onto the quilt. Give the quilt an attractive border to complete the look.
Splat White
Exuding an allover design of paint splatters, a splat white quilt will be a gorgeous and eye-catching piece. The color palette would include orange, red, yellow, blue, green, and aqua on a white background. Simply get a white colored fabric and fabrics in these different colors. Cut the white fabric into the size of a quilt. With the other colored cloths, cut out pieces varying in different sizes, shapes and designs resembling splatters of paint. Sew them to the white fabric using different decorative stitches. Make a bright colored border with any of the other colored fabric to complete your baby quilt.
Go Floral
Cut out flowers in different colors, sizes, designs, and patterns. Arrange them in a pretty pattern over a single-colored fabric. For a more stunning look, you can overlap a few flowers such that the lighter colored flowers are over the darker ones. Sew the flowers over the fabric in a contrasting colored thread to bring out the flowers. Similarly, stitch all the flowers in assorted colored threads. For that touch of a real garden, you can add a little bee or beetle over one of the flowers. You baby will love to spend hours enjoying amongst the flowers and the insect.

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