Depending upon the type of fish you’re out to catch, you require different types of reels. To select the correct fishing reel, go through this article to find out the different kinds of reels.

Types Of Reels

The fishermen employ different types of fishing reels to catch their share of fish. While some fishing reels are more effective, others may not be very effective, depending upon the fishing situations and size of the catch. Nonetheless, every fishing reel is designed to meet the requirements of every specific kind of fishing. Be it freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, you have a fishing reel for every fishing type that fits onto the handle of the fishing rod around which the fishing line is wound. Every fishing reel requires different fishing skills; hence, it is best to know how skilful you are so as to enjoy a successful and fun-filled outing while fishing. Glance through the lines herein to know the different types of fishing reels offered to you.
Different Kinds Of Fishing Reels
Spin Cast Reels
In case you are a novice fisherman, then spin cast reels are the best choice for you. Also known as closed-face reels, spin cast reels are fixed on top of the fishing rod with a button to let the line out and cast. Though they can be used for picking different varieties of fish, they cannot hold large amounts due to their low-capacity spools. Also, the drag systems on these reels are not reliable. Nonetheless, they are the least expensive and serve as best reels for beginners.
Spinning Reels
If you are game for different species of fish, spinning reels are your pick. Right from small panfish to large saltwater predators, you can line a variety of fish. They are fitted below the fishing rod with variable-sized spools, allowing you to fit in different amounts of fishing line. With rear or front drag systems, you can ensure that the fish does not break the line. Though spinning reels are more complicated than spin cast reels, but with a little practice, you can excel at using them. Depending upon the quality, spinning reels can range from cheap to expensive prices.
Bait Casting Reels
The most specialized of all kinds of fishing reels, bait casting reels are the most popular ones for freshwater fishing. The reel sits on top of the fishing rod available in various sizes and is used for catching fish, ranging from one or two pounds to hundreds or thousands of pounds. Apart from being the most expensive, bait casting reels are the most difficult to use as well. However, anglers who are proficient at using bait casting reels find them to be the most accurate of all reels.
Fly Fishing Reels
A fly fishing reel is designed to store the fly line and backing. The fly line can be made of different materials, such as feathers, thread and other lightweight materials, that are tied onto the fishing hook resembling an insect, or any other kind of bait. The fly fishing reel can vary in different sizes from small to large, depending upon the weight of the fish you are hoping to catch on. While saltwater demands a huge fly fishing reel to land on a big fish, a small fly reel is sufficient to catch fish in rivers, such as trout.
Trolling Reels
Similar to bait casting reels in appearance; trolling reels do not perform the role of casting. Instead, they are used while fishing on boats where the line is played out and trails behind. The reel sits atop the rod having small line guides and a button. The button is pushed to disengage the spool, allowing the line to be pulled down by the bait. Trolling reels are mostly used for large fish at stationary, deep waters.

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