Do you know about the history of baby shower celebration? With this article, you can explore some interesting information on the origin & background of baby shower.

Baby Shower History

In the present times, the tradition of baby shower is regarded as a natural celebration, before the birth of a baby. However, things were different a few centuries back, when the ritual was more of an extravaganza. A glimpse into the history shows that the tradition of baby shower started way back in the ancient Egyptian and Roman times. Though no proper evidence is available, historians believe that during this time, people gave the new born baby and his/her parents, various types of handmade gifts as presents. This marked the beginning of the baby shower celebration. Let us explore some more on its history.
Interesting Information On Origin & Background Of Baby Showers
During the Victorian era, baby shower was a women-centric celebration. Ladies of the family hosted tea parties for the would-be mum and the expected baby. The party was always held after the baby was born, as a pregnant lady was not allowed to go out in public. It was at this phase that umbrellas became a part of the style statement, as it was expected for the new mom to carry parasols. While every one gave handmade gifts to the baby, grandmothers were an exception, as they handed out something made in silver to the new mother and her child.
The baby shower, held after the birth of the baby, served as the reason for family members, friends and relatives to come and see the new born baby. Things changed after the World War II, when baby shower was viewed as a celebration of pregnancy. The popularity of the occasion increased and baby shower party started being held before the birth of the child. It proved to be a wonderful time for family members and friends to gather in celebration of new life. From being a women-centric celebration, baby shower party became unisexual, as expectant father, grandfathers and male relatives also became a part of the celebration. 

The concept of baby shower emerged centuries before. This is the reason why the style of celebration in the present time is quite different from that practiced earlier. Nowadays, baby shower is regarded as a great way to support the expectant parents and share their happiness and excitement. In the present times, baby shower proves to be the perfect occasion for the would-be parents to collect things for the baby, such as linen, diapers, bottles, bibs, clothing, blankets and even baby food.

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