Making your own pine cone wreath is very easy if you follow the instructions provided in this article. Read on to get information on how to make pine wreath.

How To Make Pine Wreath

Christmas is the time to indulge in house decorations. Right from the Christmas tree and fireplace to the outside door and yard, each and every thing should be decorated in such a way that it reflects the holiday season. When it comes to homemade decorations, wreath is the first thing that comes into mind. Christmas wreath can be made from a wide variety of items, from amongst which the most popular is pine cones. In the following lines, we have listed instructions on how to make pine wreath.
Make Your Own Pine Cone Wreath
Supplies Needed 
  • Old Newspaper/ Table Covering
  • Pine Cones, various sizes
  • Florist Wire
  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Decorative Items
  • Ribbon, preferably wire-edged 
  • First of all, spread an old newspaper or table covering on the surface where you plan to work.
  • Next, you need to plug in the glue gun, so that it warms up. Make sure to keep the gun on a heat resistant pad.
  • Start making the wreath by inserting the florist wire into the base of the larger pine cones.
  • Spacing the pine cones evenly around the wreath, wire all of them into place.
  • Now, start arranging the smaller pine cones on the grapevine wreath. However, do not glue them on at this moment.
  • Play with the pine cones a little and when you are satisfied with the wreath's appearance, begin gluing the pine cones in place.
  • Take a starting point, from which you will begin the gluing procedure, and work your way around the wreath.
  • Make sure to add glue to the base of the large pine cones as well. This will help stabilize them on the wreath.
  • This is the time to arrange the decorative items on the wreath. Do not glue them on yet and play a little.
  • After you have arrived on the best arrangement for the decorative items, glue them on. In case of heavy items, use the florist wire to fasten them to the wreath.
  • Add the final decorative item i.e. the ribbon to the wreath. Weave it through the pine cones and make a bow. Use florist wire to fasten the ribbon to the wreath.
  • The last step would be to create a hook for hanging the wreath. For this, twist a couple piece of florist wire together and weave one end through the top of the wreath. Twisting the ends together, connecting them.
  • Your wreath is ready to adorn the door or wall, as you please!

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