It is very easy to tie big puffy bows at home, because such bows require less time and materials. In this article, you will learn how to make puffy bows.

How To Make Puffy Bows

Bows are the attractive decorative items that can lend a completely new look to your gifts and packages. They come in different varieties; some of the most popular ones being florist, tuxedo or dior, starbust, figure-eight, pinwheel and puffy bows. In this list of bows, puffy bows have been a long-term favorite among the people. These bows can make any gift, which has been wrapped with colorful papers, look even more attractive. The bow adds to the charm of special-occasion gifts, such as those exchanged on birthdays, wedding and festivals like Christmas.
By using colorful satin ribbons, you can make small, medium or large puffy bows and match them with the size of the gifts that you are about to wrap in the sheets. You can also use bows to decorate the dress of your small ones. Puffy bows look highly eye-catching on kid’s party-wears. You can even make a small one for your daughter’s hair. Are you tempted to buy one right now? Then there is good news for you. You need not spend on getting a new one from the store, since we bring you some simple tips to make the bow at home. Read on and learn how to make puffy bows, with simple steps.
How To Tie Big Puffy Bows
Things Required
  • Ribbons
  • Scissors 
  • In order to tie a puffy bow, you need a thin strip of ribbon. Cut the thin strip, measuring 12” in length, using scissors, and set it aside for later use.
  • Wrap a half-inch wide ribbon five to six times around the four fingers of your hand and then fold the loops into half.
  • After slipping the ribbon off your fingers, cut two small v-shapes on the sides of the fold. Make sure that while doing this, you do not cut all the way through the fold.
  • Tie the bow through the V-shaped cuts, using the ribbon that you have cut in the first step.
  • Pull the loops from the center and separate them one by one. Pull the first loop to the right side and the second one to the left.
  • Repeat the above step with other loops as well. Twist the loops as you spread them out from the center. This way, a medium sized puffy bow will be formed.
  • Trim the ends of the ribbon to form a puffy bow. Holding the bow at the center, shake it gently so that it fluffs out. 
  • You can make a multi-colored bow by using several stacks of ribbon.
  • Be careful with the loops, so that you do not make a mess out of them.
  • You can try giving different looks to the bow. Once the bow is secured at the center, cut through the loops and shape the edges. This will give a completely new look to the bow.
  • Beginners can limit themselves to five to six loops, whereas the experienced people can go for as many loops as they want.

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