Just by adding a bow to a gift, you can make it beautiful, personal and attractive. Learn how to tie a bow in the article ahead.

How To Tie A Bow

It’s a distant friend’s birthday party in the evening and you have not yet bought her a gift. You rummage through the gift cabinet and find loads of decorations and gift wrapping articles. You run to the nearest mall and buy her gift that you think she will like. Feeling guilty about not giving too much of thought and effort into the gift, you decide to give it personal touch. You bring out all gift-wrapping material to make a beautiful package. You finish after an hour and half and you are ready to go. You arrive at the party filled with friends and as you present her gift, you notice the bow you tied to hold the package together had fallen apart. You are embarrassed at this tacky presentation and silently vow to make a better effort next time. It is an art to tie a perfect bow and the more creative you get the better the presentation and gesture. You can make bows for a gift from different material depending on what you want the result to look like. Usually satin ribbon is used to make a pretty bow, but you could also use recycled material like leftover pieces of paper, wired ribbons or cloth from earlier craft activities. You could also add embellishments to beautify your gift. Nowadays satin ribbons come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. 
Instructions For Tying Bows On Gifts
  • Place the ribbon along the length of the gift package
  • Turn over the gift package and wrap the ribbon till it meets together in the center
  • Fold the right side of the ribbon over the left
  • Wrap the ribbon now along the breadth of the gift package
  • When the ribbon meets again in the middle, tie a knot and leave some extra ribbon for further beautification.
  • Now take another strip of ribbon and make a loop using your thumb and forefinger.
  • Twist and make a second loop in the opposite direction
  • Now twist the ribbon at a slight angle again and make another loop
  • Repeat this process until your bow is of the size you want
  • Once this is done, tie the extra ribbon from the bow to the extra piece from the gift package to keep it firmly placed. 
  • Many people think tying a bow is similar to the method used in tying shoelaces. Though you may be able to produce a bow but it surely will be a sloppy or disproportionate bow. To get a neat finish, remember not to let the ribbon get twisted.
  • A bow may seem a small detail in gift wrapping, but it is the size, design and color of the bow that makes all the difference in adding that personal touch.

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