While adults create scrapbooks to remember the past through their eyes, it's a good option for kids to explore their creativity. Check out scrapbooking ideas for kids.

Scrapbooking Ideas For Kids

Have you read the comic ‘Calvin and Hobbes’? If you have not, you are missing on the work of beautiful, innocent and frank imagination through the eyes of a child. Calvin is a more-than-normal imaginative child and tends to have this innate creative quality imbibed in his thoughts and actions; a lot for which he is misunderstood or reprimanded. There are many children who have strong creative instincts and just like other artistic hobbies such as music and dance, crafts and art should be encouraged too. Children need to channelize their energy constructively. Physical energy is one aspect, but the open minded world they possess mentally, has to be explored. There are many creative activities which could be pursued like drawing, painting, clay sculpturing, crafts like making cards, lanterns, posters, etc. One of the interesting ways for your child to explore their imagination and apply it is by making a scrapbook.

The collection of ‘scraps’ of memorabilia or anything of immediate significance is collected in a scrapbook. To help your child with scrapbooking you need to begin with the theme or topic. You need to guide your child about the choice of topic but not overly influence or decide on their behalf. You need to make a list of stationery and purchase all the required material to make the scrapbook.  It is also important to give space to the child to enjoy freely without supervision. To find out more about scrapbooking ideas for kids read on further. 

Kids Scrapbooking Ideas
If you do not have time or have taken too much time without leading anywhere, you can buy a ready-made scrapbooking kit available in any store. These kits give you ideas for themes, layouts, designs and templates to make it easier for your child to make a scrapbook. But if you have everything ready with the theme, materials and high energy levels, your child can begin making a scrapbook. Here are some tips about how you can make it easier and interesting for your child:
  • Always remember to keep it simple yet exciting. If the theme is simple then it will easier to creatively elaborate more on the design and layout.
  • Scrapbooks do not always have to be square-shaped, help your child think of other options which maybe viable.
  • You can make unique material available such as cloth, ribbons, lace, glitter, embellishments and other such bits and pieces. This will give your child more options to choose from.
  • You can give resourceful ideas that will enhance not influence the design. For instance, if your child wants to keep tickets, you can suggest sticking an envelope or pocket library cards, so they could be placed inside. This will ensure that the original piece remains intact.
  • Instead of writing the titles, you could suggest using pictures of alphabets contained in the title which could be cut out from magazines and newspapers.
  • Scrapbooking can also be done to present them as gifts. Your child can make a scrapbook of “My Summer Vacation with Uncle Tom’ as a gift for his birthday. It could contain all the fun things that transpired during that vacation to make a vacation well spend everlasting.

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