The thrill of playing a prank or practical joke is bliss for children with a naughty mind. Here are some ideas on easy and fun, but harmless pranks for kids.

Harmless Pranks For Kids

Who does not like a little laughter? What better way to induce laughter in the environment with a little harmless practical joke? We have to agree that an innocent practical joke always ends up with big-broad smiles on the faces of all the people involved in it. You should not restrict your kid from playing practical jokes or harmless pranks; rather he should be encouraged. Playing a harmless prank, which means basically designing and executing it himself, would give your child a lot of confidence and a feeling of achievement. Additional to that, it is in the child’s nature to be naughty and mischievous; why would anybody want to take that away from him? You will anyway not be able to curb your naughty child from exhibiting his streak of mischief for long. One or the other day, it will burst out of him. It is like how they say ‘when children are doing nothing, they are doing mischief’; you will not be able to contain your naughty one from projecting his naughtiness. And why should you? After all, your household brightens up with his playfulness and laughter. But, if anytime you see that the pranks of your child are not harmless anymore, then sit them down and show them how and why it is wrong. Be very cautious if you see your child enjoying someone’s misery or pain. Do not let cruelty or an intention to harm develop in your child. If that is not the case then let your little munchkin have some fun, rather get involved with him in playing out these pranks; this could be your ‘bonding time’ with your child. As adults we know all this too well that once the childhood is over, life becomes a piece of work. You should let your child accumulate these memories of soaring fun and laughter so that when he turns back, he will be satisfied that he had a fulfilling and a happy childhood. Playing harmless pranks is one such happiness. Here in this article, kids can find abundance of ideas to play out harmless pranks on others.
Easy & Fun Pranks For The Naughty Ones 
  • Disgust Someone: Poke a gummy worm in a fruit and take it to school for lunch. Offer it to your friends and enjoy the horror on your friends’ faces while they throw the fruit and scream with disgust.
  • Confuse Them: Instead of offering the real fruit juice to your parents and siblings, put some food color in the water and keep it in the fridge in a juice carton. It will be hilarious watching your family confused.
  • Exasperate: Remove the toilet paper from the toilet early in the morning and savor the loud exasperation of your victim from the toilet.
  • Scary Fun: Put all the stuff in your living room upside down and make it look like a perfect scene from a horror movie. Take pleasure from the terror on your folks’ faces.
  • Sell Something: Put a sign of ‘for sale’ in front of your house and write your house telephone number beneath the sign. Every time your parents will get a phone call for enquiry on the sale of the house, rejoice in their irritation.
  • Make Someone Seem Silly: Soak the hand towels in water and hang them back on the towel holder. Your victim will feel silly soaking wet hands with a wet towel.
  • Lose Track Of Time: This one never gets old, change the time on all the clocks and have fun watching everyone lose the track of time in your house.
  • What’s Wrong With Telly?: Unplug the power cord of the television and shout that the telly’s not working. It would take a long time before your folks will figure out what is actually wrong with the television.
  • Now, What’s Wrong With The Remote?: Take the batteries out of the remote control and watch your folks tap the remote in agony.
  • Cry Baby: If you have a sister, then read a bit of her personal diary and mention it to her saying that you have read all of it and now you will tell everyone everything. She will throw a big fit and all you got to do is sit back and watch the show.
  • Worry Them: Stuff your mouth with tomato sauce and cough it out on a tissue, in front of your parents. It will freak them out, thinking that your have got some grave disease.
  • Too Heavy?: Stuff your brother’s school bag with rocks, one each day. Gradually his bag would get too heavy to carry and it will leave him scratching his head, thinking why in the world is it suddenly so heavy.
  • Clumsy Friend: Prick your friend’s cup with holes and watch him fill it with water and spill all of it on himself.
  • Classic Mix Up: Remove salt from the saltshaker and replace it with sugar. You will see faces squint during dinner.
  • Greed Is Silly: Use super glue to stick a coin on the sidewalk. Hide behind a tree and watch as people struggle to pull it out.
  • Bitter Water: Add some lemon juice in a glass of water, when the person sitting beside you is not looking. Enjoy the reaction when he/she takes a sip.
  • Frighten Them: Using plastic toys is one of the tried and tested tricks. Place a plastic insect in your sister’s or mother’s shoe or socks. Laugh while you close your ears to their shrill scream of fright.
  • Gotch ya!!: Hide in the closet and wait for your father or mother to hang their coat. The minute they do so, pounce on them to catch them unawares.
  • Knotty Crazy: Tie several knots in the shoelaces of your father’s shoes or brother’s sneakers. They will go crazy when they realize this.
  • Fool Them: Wake your sibling on an early Sunday morning and scream, “you are late for school”.
  • Slippery Fun: Polish door knobs and handles with petroleum jelly or oil. Burst out laughing as everyone tries to get a hold on them. If you are unable to use the knobs yourself, try wearing gloves first.
  • Burst The Bubble: Replace your parents’ or siblings’ pillow with wet balloons, which will eventually burst.
  • Treasure Hunt: Hide only one shoe of a pair and watch as the owner searches for hours on end, trying to find the other one.
  • Bad Hair Day?: Empty the shampoo bottle and fill it with baby oil. So what if the hair is not clean, at least it’s smooth now.
  • Wakey-Wakey: Set alarm clocks and hide them in different parts of the house. It will drive everyone mad, especially at five in the morning.
  • On Repeat Mode: Another popular joke is to repeat anything the other person says. This may get annoying, but at least it is not harmful.
  • Deafening Fun: Crank the volume of the music system or TV to maximum, when it is turned off. The person who turns it on next will have the fright of his/her life.
  • Annoying Sprinklers: Stick some waterproof tape to the faucet from where the water comes out. The person who uses it next will have water all sprayed up.
  • Sleep Tight, Errr Freight!: Put one or two hangers in between the sheets. The person going to sleep will be wide-awake for a while.

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