How to pull funny pranks on people is an art as rare as alchemy. If you are planning to pull pranks on your friends or family members, help is at hand. Explore some good pranks which you can employ.

Good Pranks

There is a gangster and then there is a prankster. They are not too different from each other actually. Both are adored by people who are not harmed by their deeds and abhorred by those who bear the brunt. Both have to be extremely sure of their moves and strategies, lest they go wrong and get caught in the act. But while a gangster generally has the resources to ditch the law, a prankster doesn’t need any such resource. If it comes to the worst, he’ll just have to evade the friends who turn foes (temporarily though!!) after a prank goes horribly bad. However jokes apart, pulling pranks is an art you can’t mess with. They are great only when people appreciate them and this is why you should try pranks on only those people you know well or who, you know, would not take the fun to heart. There’s never been a worst turn off than an ill-timed prank gone bad. Bad pranks can not only hurt people physically, but can also mar them emotionally and even mentally in extreme cases. So, exercise caution and go ahead with any prank only when your victim is mature enough to handle it and even then, make sure you never cross your limits.
Funny Pranks To Pull On People
With Friends
  • Time your friend’s or roommate’s clock an hour back. See what happens when they get ready in a hurry and reach their workplace or school an hour before the schedule. And if your friend belongs to the last-minute gang, he/she would surely go nuts!
  • This one is for those who toss and turn too much in sleep. Fill a few water balloons (you can use the air ones also to avoid a mess) and place them on the bed when your victim is asleep. The watery effect is sure to get him/her off the sleep mode instantly!
  • This one is for people who don’t move at all in sleep. Duct tape your victim to his/her bed when asleep and video shoot the reactions when he/she wake up. Too much torture to a single place!
  • This one is for the bullies - brothers. Don’t they just hate when you are sound sleeping and bug you awake every possible chance. Strike back with vengeance. Set alarms starting from 2-6AM on around 5-6 alarm clocks and hide them everywhere in their room. However, try doing that on a weekend, so that the lack of sleep doesn’t kill them at work.
For Colleagues At Work
  • Take a screenshot of the monitor without the cursor in sight, auto-hide the task bar and keep this screen shot as their desktop. Make sure you hide all the desktop icons too. It takes a while for people to figure out what’s wrong with their system.
  • This one is for friends who have their own cubicle. Enter that zone and wrap all their items like stationery, photos, mouse, books etc in aluminum foil and leave them there. You can video-graph these reactions too.
  • Create a fake ID on a social networking site and start messaging this colleague to meet him/her in person. When he/she does agree to meet, it will be you instead of what the other person expected.
  • Replace sugar in the office with salt or baking powder. Now wait until the coffee break when everyone gets up to grab a cup of coffee. It's going to be either salty or might just start to rinse.
  • This one wins hands down. Go up to people and tell everybody that a particular friend is going for some surgery and have everyone wish him/her luck.
At School
  • Get your hands on some crickets and place one in every friend’s backpack. It would be real fun when they reach home and unpack their bags.
  • Take an old cloth and stand near the water tap of your school (obscured from sight). Whenever someone comes and bends over to drink water, tear the old cloth to make a ripping sound. The person would turn around to check his/her pants. It’s very funny.

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