Go through the recycled fashion bag ideas and choose one to become the talk of the town by following the smart fashion trend.

Recycled Fashion Bags

“Go Green” is the mantra for survival in today’s era of increasing global warming. The word ‘Green’ has become a catalyst in hands of various social and economic organisations, institutions and production units. It has become a key to growth and profits along with contributing its bit in the campaign of saving the environment. With a bunch of creative designers going “green” today, fashion industry has become a trendsetter for the society. The fashion industry today is churning out stunningly imaginative pieces of attire and accessories out of recycled stuff. It is astonishing to learn how little stuff are recycled and given a refined touch of fashion to be accepted and appreciated by all. A few years back, would you have even thought that handbags made out of candy wrappers and discarded truck tubes will define the mainstream fashion? Well that’s what the creative and innovative techniques of the fashion industry have made possible. However, whether this new fashion statement will suit your pocket or not is an unanswered question, but these ideas for recycled fashion bags make the investment look worthy from the global perspective.
Recycled Fashion Bag Ideas
Chica Tutti Frutti Bag
This is a stylish clutch bag made out of recycled wrappers of candy. The chica tutti frutti, as the name suggests, is a colourful bag that is ideal for carrying keys, IDs and other small but important items. The bag was handmade in Mexico and is even fair trade certified. Which means the bag is not only environmental friendly, but also the workers producing these bags are guaranteed fair wages and proper working conditions.
Mandala Handbag
The Mandala handbag has an offbeat funky look and is made out of soda pop tops. The pop tops have been hand hooked into spiral patterns that gives it a unique appearance. The handbag comes with a polyester lining and zipper top.
Woman Warrior Purse
Woman warrior purse is another glittering recycled fashion creation. This bag is made out of designer, recycled golden zipper pulls. The zipper is woven into a mesh and linked together with the help of aluminium rings. The bag is lined with satin and closed with a lobster claw clasp.
Red Star Tote
Red star tote is a bag created out of recycled sails of sailboats. This attractive bag is lined with blue denim on the inside and holds contrasting bright orange trim with an inside pocket designed to hold small stuff like keys and IDs. This bag has been handmade in United States.
Carriage Hobo Handbag
The carriage hobo handbag is created out of recycled auto seatbelts with an eco-friendly organic hemp lining and unique nickel hardware. The lining of the bag is silk screened with eco-friendly water-based ink. The bag has four internal slip pockets and one zip pocket.
Zippered Tote
This is an original design hand made by artisans in U.S.A. The bag is made out of recycled wool with unique linings and markings of wool on each side.
Hook And Go
This is a fold up trolley allowing you to carry large quantities of bags and items back home from the local market without any efforts. There is a hook arm where you can hook the trolley to and easily wheel it back home from the nearby store.
Doy Bags
Doy bags are made out of recycled juice packs and candy wrappers, thereby saving the environment from the pollution of burning these packs and wrappers. The bag has been designed by a women’s group near Manila.

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