Are you wondering what to do with your old clothes? If yes, read on to learn ideas for recycled fashion clothes.

Recycled Fashion Clothes

It need not have to be a Gucci or Armani to make you look fashionable. Fashion is whatever looks trendy and new. Change and freshness is the essence of fashion which the garment industry keeps bringing to the market. However, the fashion industry has lately come under fire for the use of environment damaging fabrics such as polyester, nylon, rayon, and flame retardants etc which account for a large amount of toxic chemicals being released into the atmosphere. Well, fashion today experiences continuous changes with new styles, trends and designs entering the marketplace regularly. Recycled fashion clothes are the new trend today. With environment conditions worsening day by day, people have started contributing in small ways to help relieve the environment of human waste. Recycled clothes will provide you with new trends and designs at zero cost and will help you contribute to the environment too. Here are some of the recycled fashion clothes ideas for you to try out. 

Recycled Fashion Clothes Ideas

Purse Out Of Jeans

  • Take an old jeans pant of yours and lay it backside up on a table. Cut off the legs where they meet the crotch, making sure to pull the front pockets inside out to prevent them from getting cut. For a straight bottomed purse, start cutting one leg of the jeans all the way across in a straight line. If you want a ‘V’ shape on the bottom of the purse, start at the crotch and cut upward diagonal line to the leg seam.
  • Sew up the bottom of the booty left to give it the shape you want your purse to be. You can start stitching medium sized stitches all the way across the booty.
  • Cut two strips that are 2 inches wide and 20 inches long to make a handbag handle. For a shoulder bag handle, you can make use of a strip 2 inch wide and 40 inch long. Cut the strips to the desired length and attach them to the bag by tying them to the belt on both the sides.

Board Shorts Out Of An Old Suit

Things Required
  • A Hawaiian shirt
  • A tie
  • An old suit
  • Put on the suit pant and make a mark about 2 inches below the bottom of your knee. You can then remove the pant and lay it straight down to draw a straight line and a straight edge using tailor’s chalk.
  • Pin the bottoms and sew a seam around both the legs. Meanwhile, cut out an image of your choice on a piece of paper. This design will come on your shorts.
  • Place the pattern over your shorts after folding it in half with one side of the seam facing up. Once you have placed the design in the right place, pin it down and trace it.
  • Cut the insides part of the shape out and then turn the shorts over and repeat the same on the other side. Cut out 2 pieces of fabric from the Hawaiian shirt, big enough to cover your design.
  • Take out one of the squares and pin it inside one of the cut outs, and then sew a seam around the cut out. Repeat the same procedure on the other side. Once the cut-out is attached on both the sides, take the tie and pin it carefully around the top of your pants.
  • Cut holes in the tie wherever the buttons are and pull the button through the tie. Sew the tie to the pant to get your board shorts.
T-Shirt Into A Tank Top
  • Pick up one of your t-shirts you are not using and turn it inside out. Cut off both the sleeves through the seams. Make sure that you don’t lay your shirt down to cut the sleeves, since you will not be able to cut through the line of the seam. You can make use of the sleeves to make sleeve headbands.
  • Now cut the bottom of the t-shirt 2 inches from the bottom, ending up with a fabric loop. Cut the fabric loop at one of the seams to get a long strip. Cut the strip lengthwise into 2 long 1 inch wide strips which you can use to lace up the sides of your new top.
  • Once the strips are ready, lay down the shirt flat on the ground and measure an inch from the left hand side of the shirt. Cut through the bottom of the shirt along the marking all the way to the bottom of the sleeve. Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the shirt. In end you should be left with an apron with an elastic neck hole.
  • Put on your apron and stand in front of the mirror to mark the length of sleeves you want. Decide the spot from where you would like to lace up. When you find the right spot, mark it with tailor chalk.
  • You can use the strips from the bottom of the t-shirt or any other ribbon to lace up the sides of the sleeves.

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