“Go Green” by recycling old discarded materials to make innovative earrings. Browse through this article to find more ideas for recycled earrings.

Recycled Earrings

“One man’s trash is another woman’s treasure.” Earrings have been an intrinsic part of a woman’s fashion for years. Who doesn’t love to adorn their ears with nice beautiful earrings made up of precious and semi precious gems and metals like diamond, ruby, gold, silver, platinum? However, these are not the only way to flaunt that “jeweled look”. Today’s world has taken a step forward. Our designers and fashion gurus have adopted the “Go Green” mantra and have been using old trash and discarded items to make adorable earrings. Who would have ever thought that spectacle earrings could be made using x-ray negatives, beer bottle caps, old newspaper, bicycle tires, and other such crap items! These unique earrings not only give funky look, but they are also a fantastic way to reuse trash items that would have otherwise been thrown away. With a little bit of creativity you can create your own fashionable earrings by utilizing discarded items available at home. Read on to learn more about recycled earrings ideas.
Recycled Earrings Ideas
Earrings From Newspaper
Using recycled newspaper comics, you can make stunning earnings. All you have to do is, coat the newspaper with water resistant coating. Then roll the newspaper to give it a desired shape. Next, pair it with any type of crystals and faceted glass. Your handmade newspaper earrings are ready! Wear it with casual outfits and you are ready to surprise your friends with your lovely pair of earrings that you have just created!
Earrings From Industrial Wastes
Earrings made from industrial wastes are not only eco friendly, but an innovative way to reuse those industry trashes. You can reuse wires, rubbers, and other waste materials to make earrings of your own design.
Button Earrings
If you already know how to make earrings from recycled stuff, then you can find endless items in your home to make your own customized jewelry. Button earrings are fun to make and moreover, you can make plenty of them in different colors so that you can match and wear with your dress. Take colorful buttons and attach with fish hooks. You can also take metal hooks to make a chain of buttons. To make it more innovative, attach beads with the buttons to form a pattern according to your whims and fancies.
Plastic Bottle Earrings
Recycled plastic bottles can also be a great idea to make beautiful earrings. Take a clean plastic bottle and cut in half lengthwise. Draw a shape of your choice in the bottle and cut the shape out. Next, make a small hole so that you can pass a thin wire through it. Paint or make designs in it. Finish off with a sealant and your masterpiece is ready to wear!
X-Ray Earrings
Next time you get a sprain or a fracture and your doctor asks you to get an x-ray done, preserve the x-ray plates! You can curve those plates in different shapes to make innovative earrings. You can even plan to gift it to your near ones.
Earrings From Fabric Scrap

Did you ever know that your scrap fabric can be turned into fashionable earrings? Cut scrap fabric to different geometrical shapes. Next, take scissors to make a hole in one corner of the fabric. Keep one piece of fabric over another. Place an earring loop into the fabric. You can try different shapes and patters to make your handmade fabric earrings.

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