Why throw away anything when you can recycle them instead? Scroll down this article for novel ideas on recycling accessories.

Ideas For Recycled Accessories

In an era of materialization, does anyone really care about recycling? All that people care about now is buying more, buying big, buying trendy and buying the most current. However, the plot in life is lost when people find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of pointless consumption. This is when the whole idea of making accessories using recycling items comes waltzing into the picture. Instead of buying new or throwing away the old, why don’t you just opt for recycling? The world would be a much better and greener place that way. Here’s showcasing three of the most fun ways to use or rather reuse some of everyday life’s most common products. When you look at these products in a fresh light, all of a sudden a new world full of possibilities is yours for the taking. So, the next time you feel like throwing away a sock, a soap dish or a pair of jeans, think again. Read below to know more.   
How To Make Recycled Accessories 

Sock Wristband

You Will Need
  • A Sock with a thick ankle band
  • Sewing Kit or a Needle and Thread
  • Scissors
  • This one’s inspired by the out-of-the-box fashion sense of the trendy Avril Lavigne. With her, the wrist band made the journey right out of the gym, and playing field to the ramp. It really is one of the coolest accessories around, and you can put it together by simply recycling a sock.
  • Begin by cutting the top of the sock with a pair of scissors. The pair of scissors should be extremely sharp, and should be capable of cutting the socks with a single snip. Cut out only that part of the sock that is not stretchy.
  • Fold the cut part of the sock just enough to hem it. You can fold it as far you want to. The farther you fold it, the thinner your wrist band will look. So, fold the sock keeping in mind the desired thinness of your wrist band.
  • Sew all around the edges of the fold of the sock. Your wristband is ready. Turn the sock right side out, and slip it on.
Placemat Purse 

You Will Need

  • A colorful and decorative Placemat
  • A pair of Purse Handles
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Sewing Machine or Sewing Kit 
  • You can start by placing the placemat on the floor or on a clutter-free table. With precision and expert timing, fold the placemat into half.
  • With the assistance of the sewing machine or the sewing kit, start sewing at the bottom edge of the fold. You will then have to sew all the way to the top, and stitch around 1/8 inches away from the edge of the fabric. Repeat the same procedure on the other side of the placemat. To prevent the seams from unraveling, make it a point to tie off the thread on the inside of each side of the placemat.
  • Now, place a handle on one side of the placemat, just a little below the top. If you face problems when locating the center of the placemat, just fold one side into half to locate the same. Repeat the same step on the other side of the placemat.
  • Sew around the metal hoops of the purse handles. For best results, it is advisable to use a buttonhole stitch. Also, make it a point to only use a thread that matches the color of the placemat. If your placemat is lined, sew only through its inner layer to prevent the stitches from showing on the visible side of the bag.
Pen Holders 

You Will Need

  • A used Toothbrush Stand
  • Paint
  • A paintbrush
  • This accessory idea is really as easy as it gets when it comes to recycling. Wash the toothbrush stand with a mild soap. Leave it under the sun or fan to dry.
  • Get all creative with your paints by painting the toothbrush stand. Use as many colors as possible to give that psychedelic feel to your stand.
  • Once done with painting your toothbrush stand, allow it to dry before placing it on your desk.

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