Jump rope tricks are fun to come by, easy to learn and healthy to practice. Here is an interesting anecdote on the various fun ways of skipping rope.

Jump Rope Tricks

This one is for the fitness freaks, especially for the ones who neither have the time nor the resources to hit the gym, but are dedicated to the cause of good health and overall fitness. Skip that rope and stay in shape forever - without indulging in gymming, extreme starvation or even the ridiculously expensive ways of staying trim. All you need is a good rope. And a good rope means something which is durable and complements your height. The effectiveness of the activity can be gauged with the fact that you can end up losing 800-1000 calories per hour with the rope, without any investment. Also, it is a fun exercise for kids and keeps them occupied in the evenings. Not to mention the fact that all grannies swear by this rope and the health benefits of it. This exercise is equally good for men and women, but it is especially a boon for women who do not have any time at all for a formal fitness regimen, owing to their multiple responsibilities towards their home and work in general. 
Rope Skipping Tricks
Single Jump - This is the most basic kind of trick. You hold the rope handles in both hands, swing the rope overhead and jump it when it comes near your feet. And you do the jump only once. 

Double Jump - This is the basic variation of the single jump where an individual has to jump twice in a single rotation of the rope.

Jog Rope - This is like running. The trick is to jump over the rope with one leg at a time with each turn of the rope. You can choose to cover a distance with it or just jog in one place.

Single Side Swing - It is slightly complicated but highly used for athlete training. You need to hold both the hands close together and swing the rope to one side, hop on it and repeat the same for the next side.

Straddle Jumps - Follow the basic motion here. The only variation is that you need to jump with one foot with the other one tucked at your back and then change feet and repeat the same. 

Heel Exchange - Jump your rope and tap one of the ankles in front of you at the end of the hop. Alternate the ankle tap with every hop.

Cross Swing - This is another trick to be followed in every alternate jump. Take a normal jump and then cross your hands and jump through the loop thus created. 

Criss Cross - This is the younger sibling of the cross swing. In this, you just change the pattern of the swings and do the cross swings first, followed by the normal swing.

Frog Jumps - You require a partner and obviously a rather long rope for this jump. It happens to be a combination of both straddle swing and side swing paired up with a new concept of partner swing. Swing the rope overhead both of you and bounce together. Now move on to the 'straddle swing' and do a side swing. 

Group Swing - You need at least 2 people to do this trick, preferably three. Two people hold the rope at opposite ends and swing it for the third person who does all the possible trick swings in this position. If you are only two, then both can hold the handles of the rope at far ends and one of you can jump the rope, while swinging it with one hand. The other partner can also join in and both can jump simultaneously.

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