Mind tricks and illusions are the best way to keep your brain active and running. Check out this article for some!

Mind Tricks And Illusions

Optical Illusion is the ultimate key to testing one’s sharpness of mind. In the broader sense, certain mind tricks and illusions reflect a person’s perspective of life in general. Some can read between the lines without a second glance while others seek a closer inspection for minutes and even hours. Do not be quick to judge. Taking a longer amount of time to decipher the clever and intricate traps embedded in an illusory diagram doesn’t necessarily mean you are stupid or vice versa, although it does insinuate that you are alert and possess a great eye for detail. Mind tricks and illusions also serve as brilliant exercises for the brain and offer tremendous stimulation. It enhances logical and creative thinking. These exercises can be practised by books or numerous websites. Health experts recommend optical illusions as a means to stimulate the underutilized right side of the brain. Apart from sharpening your memory, such games aid in improving problem solving skills, visual recalling and spatial reasoning abilities.

Kinds Of Mind Tricks And Illusions

Two Rings Or Two Circles?
The picture reveals an ambiguous depiction of either two rings intersecting with one another or two circles, where one appears three times bigger than the other. If you have a closer and deeper look, you would hit yourself on the head when you finally realize that it was nothing but a top view of table glass.

Blue Or Black Or Yellow Spiral Wallpaper?
Take a look at this tantalizing yet confounding wallpaper with a three layered assortment of colours incorporated into every hand of the spiral representation. As you look at the spirals, they will appear to move. This is called "illusory movement" and the same technique has been explored by other optical illusion creators. What's different about this illusion is that it is not quite a full spiral, and with the addition of other "moving gears" it makes for a super fascinating wallpaper on your desktop. You might be astonished to be gazing it at for over five minutes and slowly slipping into a trance.

Perfect Square
Get online to view the popular optical illusion titled ‘perfect square’. It is essentially a square composed of a black and white pattern with three blue outlined squares marked in the centre. As you move your head close to the screen, the perfect blue squares start to appear distorted filling you with a sudden sensation of dizziness. This occurs due to the black lines in the back moving and twisting it in your mind. As you persist to look, you'll notice that the backgrounds appear slightly different in shades. The lines that are moving from the top left to the lower right are slightly darker than the ones moving from the bottom left to the top right! They "scintillate", thus implying that they slightly flash and appear to slightly move. Hence, you’d be intrigued to learn that the crooked blue squares are not really crooked and perfectly square!

The Glowing Curve
Take a picture with a pink background and a four sided figured object in the hub of the frame coloured purple. As you peer into the white point, the centre point of the picture and stare for a while, you should see a purplish circle as well as the four rotating 'wings' tinted green. Stay focused on the centre! In a matter of seconds, you will begin to wonder—are those four wings really green? Amazingly, they are exactly the same colour as the circle inside. Follow one of the wings round to see that the colour matches the inner circle perfectly.

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