Secretly wish to become David Copperfield or Harry Houdini? Every magician had to start from basics: card tricks! Read on to learn different types of easy card tricks.

Easy Card Tricks

Card tricks can bring life to a boring birthday party or get together. Everyone is fascinated by watching various card tricks. Card tricks are a very important aspect of entertainment and very amusing to children as well as adults. Card tricks became popular with magicians in the last century or so as props since they are versatile, easily available and inexpensive. Even today it is one the most convenient ways to entertain people and make them cheer for you. Learning card tricks has no age barrier; anyone with a curious mind can learn them. You will also need lot of dedication towards this pursuit because mastering a trick requires continuous practice. A famous magician once said that it is better to know how to perform one magic trick flawlessly than to know hundreds of incomplete tricks! So whether you are performing at a club or simply showing off at a dinner party, make sure you practice your magic tricks in advance. This article will help you learn some easy card tricks that will mesmerize your audience and make you feel like a magician.
Simple Card Tricks 

Blacks And Reds

  • This trick can be done with any deck of cards.
  • Before performing this trick, separate the deck in to 2 piles of cards, one with red cards and other with black cards.
  • Now you put both the piles together into 1 pile but do NOT shuffle the cards.
  • When you start your performance, separate both the piles like before and put them face down (the audience will not realize that both the piles consist of separate reds and blacks)
  • From the audience, ask a volunteer to choose 1 card from both the piles and ask them to remember each one and place them anywhere into the opposite pile from which they were picked up.
  • Now ask the volunteer to shuffle both piles separately, still face down, and then put one pile on top of another.
  • Now work your charm on the audience and confidently announce that you can identify the chosen cards.
  • The trick here is that all you need to do to find the chosen cards is look through the deck and pick out the 2 cards which are completely of a different color from their surrounding cards. 
I Can Read Your Mind
  • Prepare for this trick by arranging the deck so that the cards are in order of ace, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on.
  • Ask a volunteer to choose a card anywhere from the deck without showing you.
  • Then ask him/her to have a look at it place it back anywhere in the deck.
  • Now confidently say that you are going to read his/her mind and pick out the selected card.
  • The trick here is, all you need to pick out the selected card is look through the deck for a card that is out of place. Remember, we had put the deck in order of 2, 3, 4, 5… so on? 
Magic Trio
  • Before performing this trick, remove four cards of the same kind from a deck; let’s say four sixes for example. Put three sixes to one side and secretly position one six in the pack so that it is the fifth card down from the top.
  • Tell a volunteer that you have removed three cards of the same value and you will spilt them up and then he/she will bring them back together by magic.
  • Show the volunteer three cards and place them face-down on the table next to the face-down pack.
  • Put the top two cards from the main pack down on the table and on top of them put one of the three sixes.
  • Now put two more cards from the main pack on top of the new pile and one more of the sixes.
  • Then add one more from the main pack and finish off with the last one of the three sixes.
  • Lastly, add one more from the main pack and finish off with the last one of the three sixes.
  • Ask your volunteer to say some magic words to the new pile of cards and then turn over the top three cards to reveal three of a kind.

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