Are you due to throw a beach themed party? Do you need ideas for the same? If yes, then look no further. Read the article to find out how you can organize the perfect beach theme party.

Beach Theme Party

Are you planning to organize a party? Then why organize a boring and humdrum party when you can jazz it up by adding a theme to it? Beach themed parties have become increasingly popular. The best aspect about such a party is that it is not difficult to organize and can be arranged indoor as well as outdoor. A beach conveys the feeling of rejuvenation, so a beach themed party is an excellent way for you and your friends to unwind and relax on a lazy afternoon. All it requires is a little advance planning and co-ordination to pull off the perfect party. A swimming pool is the perfect venue for a beach party, but an inflatable swimming pool in the backyard works just as well. The decoration, invitation, menu, favor and games should all reflect the one common concept. To get details about how to plan a beach theme party, read through the following lines.
Beach Theme Party Ideas
Even if the party is only for an intimate small group, sending invitation cards in advance is a great way to give the guests a sneak peek of the upcoming fun. Homemade invitation cards are inexpensive and give you ample opportunity to show your creative skills. You can make paper sunglasses and attach a hand written note to it or you can send shells with the details inscribed on it. Alternatively, you can write the details of the party on a beach ball, deflate it and send it as an invitation card. Various motifs appropriate for beach theme party invitations are palm trees, surf board, flip flops, fish, etc.
While the invitations give in the first impression for the party, it is the decoration that plays a vital role in making the party a success. The first thing that the guests are due to notice is the décor of the party place. As such, decoration for a beach themed party needs to be vibrant and lively. For starters, you can scatter beach chairs, beach balls, umbrella and surfboard in your backyard. You can use beach towel as table cloth to add more color and vibrancy to the decoration. If you have a sand-box, then drag it into your courtyard. Making beach themed signage and hanging it around the yard is yet another way to spice up the décor. You can create a signboard which reads as “This way to the beach”, and hang it in such a way that it points towards the party area.
It is essential to decide in advance what you are going to serve at your party so that you can make adequate arrangements for the same. Last minute goof up, in terms of food, is the last thing you want for your beach theme party, isn’t it? Ideally, a beach themed party should have plenty of seafood, like Szechuan cold garlic shrimp and lobster rolls. Appetizers like surfboard shaped finger sandwich, fruit bowl with yogurt dip, fried shark bites should be served. Your guests will also need some drinks to wash down the food. You can create a make-shift bar to serve beverages like iced tea, lemonade and beer. Have an ice-cream cart in the backyard. Smoothies are also a great choice for a hot summer day.
Amidst all the preparation, do not forget to hand each of the guests a party favor, as a token of appreciation for their presence. You can either get separate favor items or plan you party decorations to serve a dual purpose as a party favor as well. You can use sunglasses, grass skirts, and other beach items to make your backyard look like a beach. At the end of the party, you can present these items as favors as well. Other commonly used favors at a beach party include straw hats, artificial flower centerpieces, sea shells, flip flops, and so on. For those who are not budget constrained, you can also hand out gift bags with beach themed items such as sunscreen and beach towels.
Games & Activities
Games are an easy way to enliven the party. They act as a perfect ice breaker for the party, making the guests comfortable and allowing them to have fun. A beach themed party can have games like backyard bucket brawl which is a wet version of musical chair with a tub or bucket of cold water in place of chairs, tug of war with wading pool in the center, hula-hoop contest, treasure hunt etc. You can also have a dance and a karaoke competition.

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