Are you planning a beach wedding? If yes, then here are a plethora of ideas you can choose from, to make the wedding ceremony a fun-filled romantic fantasy.

Beach Wedding Ideas

The azure sky above, the turquoise blue water below, shinning bright yellow sun and swaying green palms lining the long stretches of sand, isn’t this a blissful setting? A balm for your eyes and soul! And to think of such a location for the most awaited day of your life yes, your wedding is surely in line for an exotic ceremony. The concept of destination wedding has been gaining popularity ever since its emergence, with beach wedding in particular, being a much sought-after trend. Be it an intimate affair on a secluded strip or an activity-rich, fun-filled wedding weekend, it is completely to your discretion as to how you want to spend your D-day. Name it and you have a whole bunch of beach wedding ideas to choose from. So, right from the invitations to the reception décor, catering to the themed beach-side attire, here are few ideas to guide you through the beach wedding maze.
Beach Theme Wedding Ideas
Wedding Invitation Ideas
To set to the spirit-free holiday mood straightaway, the best would be to design your own unique wedding invitations. To do so, sprinkle white sand or glue embellishments such as shells, starfish or oysters on tan/ manila colored card stock. Once this is done, add personal text on the inside of the card and yippee, your invites are ready to be sent. Another idea would be to make your invitation card resemble like a vacation postcard or tickets to the wedding venue. To add a more personal touch, you can employ graphic artists for animated versions of the bride and groom walking down the sandy aisle or taking a plunge into the blue waters. Punch in a few romantic lines from some romantic poetry or messages like “Waiting for you to join us soon”. Do not forget to get important details, such as date, time and place of the wedding penned in.  
Theme Decorating Ideas
Decorating the venue is the most daunting tasks of all, when it comes to destination weddings. To make your guests feel like they have stepped into a different world altogether is surely not easy. However, once you let your imagination soar high, only sky is the the limit. Right from a fairytale-like setting in the sand castle to the chic, elegant ocean waves, you can have it all. From beach bucket and pails to sand box trays, you have a whole lot of décor items at your disposal to pick from. To make the chairs in line with the theme of the wedding, string them with garlands of shells or corals. White galvanized buckets holding bottles of water for guests and a palm leaf fan for each can add to the magic. Pieces of driftwood for place card holders, candles smelling of tropical fruits and reggae beat or a string of Caribbean instruments like bamboo flutes will add to the aura. However, the thumb rule is that there is no rule of thumb indeed. Break the mould and go ahead and do something fun, something different, and something memorable.
Catering Ideas
The right food when blends into the right setting, creates the perfect mood. So, amidst all the hoopla, make sure you save energy for planning the gourmet as well. Your wedding isn’t complete without the cake and a careful selection of the flavor is required to keep the smiles lingering on the guests’ lips. While a white or carrot cake suits best for a fairytale castle or a floral theme, a dark chocolate does the trick for a pirate theme. A cheese cake would be exceptional for a seascape or sea creatures theme and a fruit rum cake would blend right with a colorful Caribbean theme. Now, for the rest of your menu, use a local restaurant familiar with the area instead of a catering company. You could either opt to serve the obvious, like seafood, clam bake, crab-boil or fish fry, or go completely out-of-the-box serving one of the best bargains of all, barbeque. An old row boat can be used for ice and soft-drinks, beer and wine coolers.
Wedding Attire Ideas
Be it Hawaiian dressing gowns or tropical tantrums, your beach wedding attire would be less formal than the church counterparts. Be it a simple linen sundress in floral or tropical prints or soft chiffon attire embellished with beads, a halter neck to show off your tanned shoulders or flowing sleeves to shelter off the heat, keep your wedding attire sleek and stylish. As much as your wedding attire, the footwear also should match the theme of the wedding. Strappy sandals, flip-flops or open-toed shoes are few options which you can go for, for a beach wedding. Head wreathes or floral garlands instead of traditional tiaras can be worn. Accessorizing your attire with the perfect jewels, either with traditional diamonds or pearls or with shells and flowers, can leave the rest astounded. 

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