A beautiful centerpiece adds in the wow factor to the wedding decor. Read more to know about beach wedding centerpiece.

Beach Wedding Centerpiece

Wedding at a beach is the perfect way to say “I Do”. If you are planning a beach wedding as the theme of your reception then, you have the chance to be creative with your planning. Adorning your reception tables with beach wedding centerpieces is a perfect way to carry on the atmosphere of your beachside wedding. Whether you are planning a wedding, a romantic dinner or an anniversary party, your centerpiece is one of the important things, which reflects the mood of the party. So, it’s important to choose a centerpiece, which complements the look, feel, and the theme of your wedding reception. Choose from candles, flowers, shells, sandcastles to a large variety of nautical items as your centerpiece and complement your beach wedding theme. Beach wedding centerpiece can help you give a finishing touch to your beach wedding theme. A beach wedding centerpiece doesn’t have to cost a lot! With a little imagination and creativity, there are oodles of centerpieces which you can choose to add beauty to your beach wedding theme. Here are some great beach wedding centerpiece ideas to help you add sparkle to your beaching wedding theme.
Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas
  • Buy some kid’s pail and shovel sets. They can be used as a perfect beach wedding centerpieces. You can fill them with candies or fresh fruits. You can also opt to fill them with sand. Adding sea shells on the top will complete the look.
  • Choose from unique candle shapes like bamboo, starfish, seashells, or candles, which resemble corals. You can also pick pillars and votives, which are decorated with shells.
  • This one is really simple beach wedding centerpiece idea. Pick a small punch bowl, fill it with fruits and top it with pineapple. You can add sparkle to it by hanging some sliced lemons on the edges of the bowl. This will serve as a colorful centerpiece and give a very 'Caribbean' look!
  • Another fruity centerpiece idea is building a beautiful edible fruit tree! What you will need is a styrofoam cone. Cover the cone with layers of wax paper. Pick strawberries, cubed watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dew melon to adorn your tree. With the help of a toothpick, attach each piece of a fruit to the tree. Place it on a bed of lettuce just to add greenery.
  • Tall glass cylinders can serve as some of the most stylish centerpieces. A glass cylinder vase and a large floating candle can create a magic, you are looking for. Fill the glass cylinders with water and add floating candle to it. This in itself looks a great centerpiece but you can make it more gorgeous by adding ‘drowning’ flowers, seashells, sands, vase gems or river stones.
  • Potted orchids serve as beautiful centerpieces! Plant each orchid plant in a pretty terra-cotta pot with an attractive shell designs and patterns. To complement it with your beach wedding theme, cover the soil with sheet moss. Keep the pot on a table over a banana leaf. This will look extraordinary. These potted orchids will not only make as attractive centerpieces but will also make as great gifts for your bridesmaids.
  • Pick attractive and stylish little fishbowls and fill them with aqua-tinted water. Now, add beauty to these little bowls by slipping in oodles of simple, bright blooms like white peonies, hydrangeas, or even carnations. They make as simply elegant centerpieces.

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