Make your beach wedding ceremony extra special. Read more to know about beach wedding ceremony.

Beach Wedding Ceremony

Having a wedding at the beach is the perfect way to say “I Do “. Beach wedding offers a perfect backdrop for the most special and magical day of your life. The roar of the sea, rhythm of surf on the shore, the beautiful scent of the sea breeze, cool sand beneath your feet, what more can fetch romance, but a beach wedding? Surfside nuptial is gaining a lot of popularity among the couples. There is nothing better than to confirm this fact by looking at celebrities. Deion Sanders, the NFL legend and New York model - Pilar Biggers had an exquisite beach wedding. Beach wedding was also the choice of television’s famous couple Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano who had a lavish sunset wedding ceremony. And who can forget the spectacular wedding ceremony of Tiger Woods & Elin Nordegren in the Barbados. Your beach wedding ceremony is going to be the most special day of your life. Why not make it perfect and unique just like your favorite celebrities. Here are a few ideas to make your beach wedding ceremonies special.
Beach Wedding Ceremony Ideas 

When opting for beach weddings, many brides prefer canopies to altar. If the canopy is wrapped in light, shimmering fabric then it can give your beach ceremony just the right kind of effect. Dream yourself walking down the aisle, covered with delicate canopies, softly fluttering in the wind. Canopies over the entire aisle decorated with beautiful tropical flowers are just a perfect way to add a romantic feel to your beach wedding. 

Late Afternoon Ceremonies
While most couples today, prefer beach wedding, the focus is on holding all ceremonies at midday, when there is bright sunlight at the beach. Consider the option of holding ceremonies at dusk! It can give your wedding a more romantic feel. A sun set wedding over the beach can be romantic and fun. Decorate your beach theme wedding ceremony with lanterns and torches to give your wedding a sensual effect. Exchange your wedding vows in this perfectly serene atmosphere. 

Flower Petal Aisle
Sprinkling your beach wedding aisle with flower petals is an old style. Opt for thick carpet of rose petals. When you will walk down the aisle, it will make you feel like a princess. A little extra expense will make your beach wedding ceremony unforgettable. All that happiness and glow is worth the expense! You can opt for other tropical flowers also. 

Tips For Making Beach Wedding Ceremony A Success 
  • As with any outdoor wedding, you are on the mercy of weather and topography. You should be ready with steps to protect your wedding in case of unexpected weather change. Colorful Beach umbrellas can be your first choice or opt for canopies, as they work well too in protecting from light drizzle. However, as backup plan, make arrangements in a nearby restaurant or even a coffee house, where wedding party can take refuge and your wedding ceremonies can proceed further.
  • Decide on number of guests. A beach wedding probably wouldn't work well for an extremely large group. It is difficult to perceive sound in outdoors, especially at a beach. The more the number of people, the difficult it would be for them to hear you. You wouldn’t want to scream “I DO!"
  • Tides change throughout the day, it’s always better to plan your wedding ceremony, when there is low tide. Low tide will cut down the ocean noise and make the ceremony go smoother.
  • Have well planned sitting arrangements. Have a plan for chairs, if the ceremony will be a lengthy one. It will make your guests comfortable. Even if guests are asked to stand during the ceremony, you should still have some chairs for the guests, who might not find it easy to stand during the entire ceremony.
  • Wedding without music is complete. Opt for portable instruments with high-pitched notes. They work well outdoors without drowning out the natural sound of the ocean and the beach.

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