Wine coolers keep the wines in their correct serving temperature. Read the article below to know information on wine coolers.

Wine Coolers Information

The condition in which you serve the wine is as important as the type and class of wine. That is why, knowing the wine etiquette is necessary if you want to enthrall your friends and acquaintances, with wines that do not lose any of their aroma and flavor when you serve them. Wine is a very complex drink. In no other drink will you find the aroma as important as the sip itself. So, preserving both the taste and the fragrance is of utmost importance. And you have to take in another fact into consideration. That it must be served chilled, which almost everyone knows. However, what is less known is that the temperature at which wine must be served depends on the type of wine. This temperature can vary from as low as 2 degrees centigrade to as high as 18 degrees centigrade. And if you have got a collection of different types of wine then the traditional refrigerator won’t do. You will need an equipment which has the facility to select different temperatures in the same unit. This requires that you invest in a wine cooler, which will not only keep the wine in serving condition but also improve its quality and beauty. Selecting the right wine coolers will go a long way in making your wine drinking a more pleasurable experience. To know more go through the article below for information on wine coolers.
What Is A Wine Cooler? 
The wine must always be served in the correct temperature, either chilled or cooled. However, in warmer countries to keep the wine at the right temperature requires the use of specialized equipments. These equipments are known as wine coolers, which are used to keep the wines in their correct serving temperature.
Styles Of Wine Coolers
The wine coolers come in two styles: 
  • The tabletop units – these are small coolers that can chill a single wine bottle rapidly. These types of wine coolers are particularly good for those types of wines that must be served chilled, like white, sparkling, and rose.
  • Refrigerator style units – in these types of cooler units you can keep over a dozen wine bottles at the selected temperatures. The temperature and humidity levels can be replicated and so it can also be used in place of a cellar. Nowadays, you can also select different types of temperature for different types of wines in the same unit. 
How To Select A Wine Cooler 
  • First, check the temperature controls. You should be able to regulate the temperature as too low or too high can damage the wine. Serving wines must be kept in a temperature of 50oF for light-bodied white wines and 68oF for full-bodied red wines.
  • Some coolers allow you to store wines by providing dual temperature zones. The temperature selection should vary from 38oF to about 65oF. The wide temperature range allows you to either store your wines or keep them in serving condition.
  • Now check the humidity control. The cooler must be able to maintain the humidity level of 80%, while keeping the air circulating so as to prevent the growth of mildew and mold. The humidity should also be such that it keeps the cork moist. One way in, which, you can identify if the humidity is too high, is when the labels in the bottles start to come off.
  • Take care that the door of the cooler is of tinted glass because light, especially UV light can destroy the wines. You can also go for UV resistant glass doors.
  • The wine must be kept without any disturbances. This makes it necessary that the cooler that you select must be free from any vibration. A cooler that vibrates can rake up the sediment in the wine or loosen the cork to let the air in. These can spoil the wine and damage its flavor and aroma.
  • Decide on the size. Don’t buy a large cooler to keep only a few bottles.
  • Another important feature that you should look for in your cooler is the auto-defrost facility. This is very necessary to prevent the frost from building up in the bottles.

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