Are you thinking of enjoying a delicious and yummy flounder at home? If yes, then read on to learn how to cook a flounder. We have provided the best way to clean and cook a flounder at home.

How To Cook Flounder

The flounder is one of the most sought-after varieties of fish. It is a fish with fine texture, mild flavor and firm white flesh making it one of the favorites among the seafood lovers. It is a comparatively lean fish than other fatty ones and therefore you will need around a pound of it if you want to prepare a dish at home. While purchasing your flounder look in for pink or deep red gills, one which is free from mucus, is slime and comes with a shiny surface with healthy looking scales. The flounder should have a shiny and clean belly cavity without any protruding bones or cuts and should have a mild smell. Preparing a flounder at home will take in a bit of effort but will surely give out a delicious and mouth-watering result. Here are few steps involved in cooking a flounder at home.
Best Way To Clean & Cook A Flounder
Step 1
Sole, halibut, turbot, plaice, fluke or dab whatever you call them are the member of the flatfish family. You can either purchase your flounder or catch them on your own. The adults carry both their eyes on the darker top side of their head. Make sure to cook them when you purchase them, as they tend to spoil faster.
Step 2
It is very important to clean the fish properly before cooking it. If you are purchasing the fish from a good place then they would have taken care of the scaling part of it, but if you are catching them on your own make sure to scale them properly. Cut off the head of the fish leaving as much flesh on the body as you can. Do not forget to remove the gills and pectoral fins while cutting off the head.
Step 3
Cover up your clean dry fish with a thin layer of starch. You can use a potato starch or corn starch for the purpose. All you need to do is just sprinkle over the fish with starch and not make a cake out of it. Take a baking dish and spray canola oil on it. Put the fish on the baking dish and spray the top part of the fish with canola oil.
Step 4
The next step in the preparation of your flounder is to sprinkle few spices of your choice. Depending upon your choice and liking, you can sprinkle any sort of spice on the flounder. The spice which you put in will take a nice strong flavor seasoning.
Step 5
Use a hot broiler to cook your fish, until the top skin turns brown and begins to crackle. The fins will get crispy too. It might take a total of about 5-8 minutes. Remember, it is always better to undercook a fish than to overcook it.
Step 6
Once the fish is cooked serve it with lemon wedges when warm. Provide a bone bowl, as there might be small bones to remove. You can even prepare or get flounder fillets but a whole fish have a totally different taste and aroma to catch up with.

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