If you’re all set to throw a beach party, making invitations for your guests will bother you soon. Read on to know few beach theme invitation ideas and get creative.

Beach Theme Invitations

Are you all set to walk down the sandy aisle or trail through the sand on your surfboard with your friends after cutting the pineapple cake? If beach theme is what you have decided for your birthday or wedding party, the first thing that will strike your head is how to go about with the invitations. Invitations form the crux of any event and are of prime importance to make the party a success. There are invitations which suit all pockets and level of creativity. All you require is planning ahead of time. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Once you decide your beach theme party, get on with the invitations. Here are few ideas which you can incorporate while doing so.
Beach Theme Invitation Ideas
Beach Theme Wedding Invitations
Isn’t there something really romantic about a wedding on a beach? How blissful is it to say your vows standing on the sand, with the blue ocean as background. While you decide on a beach theme wedding, besides worrying about the décor and food, the other essential thing without which your wedding would be incomplete is invitations. Be it a handmade card or a purchased base card, a genuine touch of creativity is the watchword. What is your beach theme for the wedding? Is it romantic, fun, sexy, modern or vintage? If your theme is fun and flirty, using cartoon characters, fun sea creatures, sunglasses, swimsuits and margarita glasses can imprint the idea that your wedding is going to be fun with no trace of somber element.
Putting sunglasses and beach balls on the front of an all blue invitation can make for a great summer fun beach theme invite. Even flip flops and striped beach towels can do the needful. Adding embellishments like real sea shells or gritty sand can add to the fun. You can also use a picture of the bride and the groom playing volleyball as the backdrop of your invitations. If your wedding theme is more subtle, try using specialty calligraphy and light pastel watercolors. Picture of two hearts drawn on the sand or the bride and bridegroom holding hands and staring out at the ocean is another great option. Blue lace and pearls imparts a simple and elegant look. Also, an invitation rolled up in a sand-filled glass bottle is an idea that’s always popular.
Beach Theme Birthday Invitations
Birthday party invitations have become much more than merely informing your guests about the party date, place and time. Today, they are mostly used to convey the party theme and build the excitement level among the guests even before the arrival of the D-day. Before anything else, you need to first decide on the birthday theme and color scheme that would be followed throughout the event. Then fix your budget and the amount of time you have to spend on making invitation cards. This will in turn decide as to what level of creativity you can actually put in. An easy, time and energy saving way is to go for a traditional invitation. Buy a pack of fun and vibrant invitations, preferably yellow, orange, and blue in color from your nearby local store, fill them out and send it across to your guests.
Computer printed invitations is another way to save time. Get beach themed black and white templates. Ask your children to fill them up with colors. Apart from that, you can have personalized online invitations with the snap of the birthday boy/girl's picture in a bathing suit building a sand castle, playing with a beach ball or simply wrapping a striped bathing towel and looking at the ocean. Clip along all the necessary details. If you wish to brush your creative mind, get yourself a handful of colored markers, ribbons, glitter and other beach themed embellishments like shells, starfish, sand, palm leaf, straw and pearls and decorate the card base in your own special way. You can also blow up a beach balloon, write the party details, deflate it and send it to your guests. Message in sand-filled bottles is another option. If pirate party is the theme, go for treasure map invitations.

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