Having a theme means, a well organized birthday! Read on to know more about birthday theme ideas.

Birthday Theme Ideas

The air of birthday parties has changed a lot during the recent years. A few candles on a cake and a small crowd singing ‘happy birthday to you’ in a cheery tone is not a birthday party any more. Nowadays, birthday parties have become roller coaster events where people expect loads of fun and excitement while spending big bucks on it. People have begun to choose themes for making the party fun and interesting. Today even party planners are hired to organize birthday parties. As the birthday parties are getting more elaborate and detailed every day, synchronization becomes an essential element. A theme comes in handy, as it makes everything easier, from decoration to food and from party favors to even games. However, before narrowing down on any theme, the first thing you need to take care is of the age of a person for whom you are throwing the party. Depending on the age and the preference of the birthday person, you can take the help of various birthday theme ideas given in the following paragraphs.
Theme For Birthday Parties
For Preschool And Toddlers
For small kids, you can find hundred of themes for your birthday parties starting from Barney, Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid, Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, ABC theme, A Color Theme, Animal Farm, Mickey mouse, Disney Princesses, Madagascar, Scooby Doo, etc. As these kids are very small, make sure that the party doesn’t get boring for the parents too. Stick to a timeline and keep the party short. Make sure that there is enough for the kids to do. The rulebook says you should invite as many guests as the age of the kids plus one. A little up and down won’t create much problems, however don’t go overboard in your enthusiasm.
For Kids
The most important factor for deciding the theme for the birthday for your kid would be to know the favorite book, movie, cartoon character or anything he/she fancies. Some kids are really very opinionated and it is always better to go on safer side, after all it is his/her birthday. There are many themes, which you can find for your kids, starting from Peter pan, Star Wars, pirates of the Caribbean,Butterfly Casino, Jungle, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars, Cowboy/Cowgirl Western, zoo theme, High School Musical, Godzilla, Monster Inc etc.
For Teens
The taste of gen ‘Y’ is a little bit wild. They need more excitement and adventure in a party. Generally, teenagers love parties and a combination of fun, food and friends would be great success. Themes need to be chosen very carefully when you are throwing a party for your teen kid, as otherwise it can be a disastrous. Although your kiddo will always be small for you, throwing a cartoon or princess theme party would only embarrass your child. Some of the ideas for teen birthday theme parties are Twilight and New Moon themed party, pool party, mystery dinner, Harry Potter birthday themed party, Sleepover party, Medieval madness theme party, Murder Mystery, Treasure Hunt teen party, Disco party, Detective Parties,etc.
Adult Birthday Party Themes
Whether you are throwing a birthday party for your husband or your just turned twenty-one years old daughter, a theme is an essential to have a theme for it. Although birthdays are always fun when it comes to adult birthday parties, it gets coupled with more freedom thus making the party an easy to organize. It can be either sober or even crazier and so the sky is the limit for the imagination when it comes to choosing the theme for the adult party theme. The choice ranges from pool party, cocktail party, over the hill party, black and white theme, casino theme, old movie theme, hippie birthday theme, wine tasting party theme, Mardi Gras party, black tie party etc.

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