Check out some simple tips for cooking cabbage.

How to Cook Cabbage

Have you ever tried cooking cabbage, only to end up having your kitchen stink like you just cracked a dozen rotten eggs in it? Or, have you ended up with a soggy mess which looks extremely un-edible and loses all its nutrients? Follow some simple tips to cook cabbage that is crunchy, tasty and doesn’t smell or look bad. One main point to keep in mind is that well-cooked cabbage is not over-cooked. It is during the fifth and seventh minutes of cooking cabbage that it begins to smell (the smell is nothing but the release of hydrogen sulfide, which occurs when sulfur-containing compounds are broken down while cooking). Therefore, it is important to be time-conscious if you wish to cook it well. Below are some quick tips to cook this king of green vegetables, deliciously.
Tips For Cooking Cabbage 
Quick Tips 
  • Do not cut the cabbage until you are ready to cook it. Always cut the cabbage small as this will take less time to cook.
  • Never use too much water to cook cabbage. Interestingly, if it is cut into wedges, it can be boiled in as little as 1.9 centimeters of water.
  • Shred the cabbage coarsely if you plan to stir-fry it. Once the pan is heated well, coat the pan with oil completely. Once the oil is hot, add the cabbage to it, and stir well for two to five minutes.
  • If you plan to boil cabbage, slice it up into thin pieces. Once the water in your pan is boiling, add the cabbage to it and cook for five minutes. Drain off the water and continue with your recipe.
  • If you want to steam cabbage, the best way to do this is to cut the entire head of cabbage into quarters and steam it for ten or twenty minutes. If you are going to steam the head of cabbage without cutting it, it will take 30 minutes.
  • You can braise cabbage by adding a little butter to a heavy-bottomed vessel and adding water.
  • Be alert while cooking cabbage to ensure that you don’t over-cook it. It should be just tender and nothing more than that. 
Quick Recipes 
  • After briefly cooking the cabbage wedges, season it with a little butter and marmalade. Sprinkle a few dried chili flakes over it for a delicious dish.
  • Use a lidded pan. Fry cabbage wedges with 2 ounces of butter and a little water. Put the lid on and allow cooking for four to five minutes. Stir the cabbage occasionally. Season with pepper and salt. It is an amazing combination with bacon ribs!
  • Boil a cabbage for four minutes and cut it into eight pieces. Place it in a pint of cheese sauce and cook for a minute. Serve with cheese sauce poured over it.
  • Slice the cabbage as thin as you can. Fry it with a few garlic cloves, a thinly sliced onion, pepper, salt and crushed red pepper. Take it off the stove after stir-frying for five minutes.

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