Favors for an adult birthday party are as important as in children’s party. Go through the article, to explore the best adult birthday party favor ideas.

Birthday Party Favors for Adults

Do you wish to be a child once again, when your kid bags a favor at every party and you are given nothing? If yes, then this would certainly come as good news for you! Even adults are eligible for great birthday party favors. In fact, favors are an excellent way of expressing one’s gratitude towards the guests, for attending the party. These favors stand as a token of your love and care towards your guests. They have an intrinsic quality of making your birthday party memorable for years to come. Remember, party favors need not be expensive. Anything that can show your feelings to your guests are worth being used as the party favors. Read further to get the best ideas on birthday party favors for adults
Adult Birthday Party Favor Ideas 
  • Chocolate is a simple, yet a special favor option that you can treat your guests with. You can get gourmet chocolates from the stores, in the shape of alphabets. Then, as per your guests’ initial, gift them one. A unique way to satiate their sweet cravings!!
  • Personalized wine bottles make great favor options for an adult’s birthday party. Your guests would surely be elated when you gift them this favor. To personalize it further, buy the wine bottles and write your name and the date of the party on each of the bottle, before gifting.
  • Most adults relish the thought of sipping hot tea. So, how about gifting tea bags to your guests, as the party favor? This may sound unusual to you, but your guests will surely love the favor and appreciate your unique idea. Get teabags that have tags attached to them. Paste a small message on the tag, thanking the guest for attending your party. Wrap the teabag in an attractive paper and a small satin ribbon; taking care that the tag hangs outside.
  • You can get the music CD of your favorite songs and write your name and the date of the party on its cover. If you know the favorite songs of your guest, assembling one or two of them with your favorite music, in a CD, will be an unexpected favor for your guests.
  • Get some custom-made photo frames, with messages like “Harry’s 27th Birthday”. Use a Polaroid camera to click photo with your guests, either in a group or individually, as per your convenience and put the photo in a frame. After the party is over, gift one such frame to each of your guests. They would surely have their eyes popping out with happiness!!
  • Coffee mugs can never go wrong for any person. Make them personalized by writing your name and short personal message on them. Buy ones that are brightly colored, yet elegant to look at.   
  • A set of colorful candles can be another great party favor for adults. The greatest advantage of gifting candles is that they come in a number of varieties, with regard to color and shape.
  • A simple key ring with the initial of your guest may sound very simple. But surprisingly, this can make way as a great personal favor for your guest.
  • If your party is a small one, with only your very special friends attending, then you can think of giving a gift basket to every guest. Since you have invited your special friends, you must be having an idea about their favorites. Stuff the basket according to each guest and then cover it with a transparent net. Do not forget to attach a tag, with your name and a short, touching message. Tie a red ribbon around it and give it to your guest.

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