Activity games run a stream of excitement among girls, who get together for having some fun time. Read on to know some interesting and fun activity game ideas for a girl.

Activity Games For Girls

Girls always have something or other to chitchat over and keep themselves engaged. In fact, the parties for girls are never boring, as they always find some entertaining factor. However, even they can get bore at times and hence, are always on the lookout for novelty and creativity. If you have small girls at home and wondering how to give an exciting hour to them, then activity games can come as the best option. Though video games and movies are becoming the trend of the day, there is an incomparable fun in the activity games as well. Let your daughter play these games with her friends and have a memorable time. Besides entertaining them, these games will also keep the girls healthy and happy. We bring you some activity games for girls, which can serve the right purpose for you.
Fun Activity Game Ideas For A Girl
Share The Secret
This is a popular game, which has always been a great favorite among the girls. In order to play this game, you need a group of several girls. They have to sit in a circular manner. The girl in the front will whisper a sentence to the girl sitting beside her. There is only one chance to share the sentence. Whatever the second girl could make out has to be passed to the next girl in the same manner. This process continues till the secret is shared with the last girl in the circle. Finally, every girl is asked what he/she heard. It is really funny to hear the distortion of the original statement, as it passed from one ear to the other. You can encourage the girls to share something light and humorous, rather than anything serious, which can convey wrong meaning.
Guess Who Am I
For this game, you need to write down some popular names, like those of film stars, cartoon characters, movie names, etc, on paper pieces. Fold these pieces neatly and place them in a bowl. Ask each of the girls to take a paper. The girl has to act in such a way that the other girls can guess the name written on paper correctly. Set a time limit for each girl. Whoever fails to act properly gets disqualified. You can find the girls giggling and enjoying each act to their heart’s content. You can select the winner based on the performance.
Game In The Dark
Divide the girls into group of two, containing equal number of members. Now, darken the room and ask the girls in each group to pour lemonade from one bottle to another, without spilling. Every girl will be given only one chance. At the end of both the rows, check out the amount of lemonade in the bottle. Whichever team gets the maximum lemonade wins the game.
Pass The Pillow
This game has been played over years, with several variations. Make the girls sit in a circular manner. Take a pillow and let it pass between the girls, with the beats of music. Stop the music randomly. The girl with the pillow has to do whatever other girls decide. This is a real fun and the whole house is sure to be filled with giggles and laughter.

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