Summer camp activities should arouse interest in the campers, so that they enjoy the trip thoroughly. Explore the article to get some fun activity ideas for summer camps.

Summer Camp Activities

In the present times, many schools organize summer camps during vacations. Such camps help the children learn many new things, apart from their academic curriculum. If you have been given the task of arranging a fun summer camp for kids, make sure to include some fun games and activities in it. While choosing games and activities for the campers, you need to consider certain essential things. For instance, they should be suitable for the location of the summer camp. At the same time, the games and activities should be chosen according to the age group of the campers. In case you need some ideas, go through the following lines and get details on some interesting summer camp activities.
Fun Activity Ideas For Summer Camps
  • Tie-dying is a popular summer camp craft. You may show the kids/students how to die a piece of cloth, say a t-shirt, by following simple instructions. Show the process first, and then supply them with the materials, so that they dye a t-shirt on their own.
  • Get the dye (hot water dye available in chemists and specialty stores), a t-shirt, a large pot, water, a spoon, tongs and a few rubber bands.
  • Take the piece of cloth and gather it up, to form a bundle.
  • Now, wrap it with the rubber band, firmly. Repeat this in numerous spots elsewhere on the cloth.
  • Boil water in the pot and add dye to it.
  • After the solution boils, put the t-shirt in it and stir for about 30 minutes, using a spoon.
  • When you are finished with dying the t-shirt, transfer it into another pot, containing cold water. This will clear the extra dye.
  • After the t-shirt is completely dry, take off the rubber bands and iron it.
  • Your tie-dyed t-shirt is ready! 
Tag Game
  • Tag game is one of the most popular summer camp games. You can play this highly energetic game with any number of participants.
  • Divide the participants into two teams, with equal number of players in each team.
  • Get a few pairs of old clean socks, and one pound of all-purpose flour.
  • Fill the socks, each with ½ cup of the all-purpose flour.
  • Seal the socks by tying a knot on their top.
  • Distribute the socks to the players, giving one sock to each of them.
  • The motive of the game is to 'tag' in as many members of the opposite team as possible, by throwing the socks at them. The participant, who is tagged in last, wins the game. 
Water Game
  • No summer camp is complete without water games in it. Arrange for some interesting water games for the campers, like the one detailed below.
  • Get some mid-size balloons and fill them with water. Now, place the balloons on a table.
  • Supply the balloons, one to each player. When you say 'get set go', the players have to race to the finishing point, with balloon in their hands.
  • As the players reach the other end, they have to sit on their respective water-filled balloons, as to pop them.
  • After doing so, they have to race back to the starting point and then repeat the process.
  • The person who bursts the maximum number of balloons is declared the winner.

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