Camping with kids can be a lot of fun and you can make the trip more enjoyable by including fun games in it. Check out the article and get some ideas for fun camping games for children.

Camping Games For Kids

Are you ready to plan a camping trip for children? If yes, then add that element of excitement, by including games in the camping itinerary. Playing along with kids can be a lot of fun, especially on a camping trip. Moreover, it will help you bring the little ones closer to the nature, because most of camping games are related to finding and associating elements to nature. Nowadays, children have many ways to keep themselves engaged; the most common way being, playing video games. Busy parents usually do not consider any other means of entertainment or games. In fact, they fill the rooms of their children with more toys. But the problem with this is, that the child remains restricted to the four walls the home. He is not aware of how the world is outside and the fun activities he can indulge in. Parents should take their children for outdoor activities such as camping, at least once in a while. This is good for their physical as well as mental growth. If you are looking for some nice ideas for camping games, go through the article.
Fun Camping Games For Children
Four Square
To play four square, you need a large bouncing ball and open space at the campsite. Draw four, six-by-six feet squares within a large square and ask one player to stand in each square. Hand the ball to one of the players, so that he/she bounces it to his/her opponent. As the ball reaches the opponent, he/she should hit the ball, so that it reaches the third person. The person who fails to hit the ball is out of the game. Continue the game until all the players have been given a chance each.
Identify The Colors
Ask the children to sit in a circle. Now, make a list of colors and announce the colors one by one, so that the kids can relate each color with the objects present in the campsite. Allot fifteen seconds to each child, to look around them and spot the objects, which can be associated with the colors announced. This way, they will learn about different colors and things related to nature.
Shave The Balloon
Provide balloons to all kids and ask them to inflate it. Now, apply whipped cream on the top portion of each balloon. Supply plastic razors to all the children and set a time limit of one minute. Within the given time, the kids have to shave off the cream, without bursting the balloon. The child, who finishes first, is the winner of the game. Make sure this activity is organized under adult supervision.
Narrate A Story
Make a campfire in the evening and ask the kids to sit around the fire. Now, start narrating a popular story, which the children are well acquainted with. Stop the narration abruptly. Select a kid randomly and ask him/her to continue the story, but not in the traditional manner. Ask him/her to stop the narration suddenly and pass it on to the next person. This way, all the children will get a chance to build-up the story in their own creative way and have fun listening to new additions to the good old story!
This is a conventional, yet one of the best ways to engage your children in a game. Simple competitions, like, who can gather the most sticks for fire or drag the longest branch can actively engage your children for a little while. If there is a river or pond at the site, ask them to throw stones and the one who has hurled the stones the farthest, wins the game.
Building Their Own Camps
Kids are always interested in making fairy houses for their dolls or shelters for pets. Take them for a walk and ask them to collect all the materials needed to build a tent. Of course, it would be a small or tiny tent, but nonetheless fun to build. You can help with a couple of essentials like a quilt and rope, but leave the rest for them to find and watch how they will creatively come up with solutions.
Hide And Seek
Hide and seek is a classic game played at home, but can also be played while at camp. In fact, playing at camp can be a lot more fun due to the presence of trees, bushes, etc. This will make it a lot more difficult for the seeker to seek and will present a wide array of options for all the other children who are hiding. Just make sure you assign a specific area for the children to hide in and this should be played under adult supervision.

Playing games at camp can be fun, but parents should be cautious about their children’s safety. Sometimes, children tend to go far away from the tent or the camping site. So, it is recommended that parents keep a close eye on their children. Make the best use of these options!

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