There are plenty of activities to do with kids, while camping, to keep them active and have fun. Go through this article to find interesting camping activity ideas for children.

Camping Activities For Kids

Camping is always fun, giving you an opportunity to break away from the hectic schedules of daily life. It allows you to breathe fresh air, while releasing and submitting yourself to nature. Not only adults, kids too enjoy camping outdoors, hoping to experience something new on each camp site. Overall, camping gives you some quality time to bond with your family, thus making it an engaging family experience. While camping with family and kids, the immediate question is how to keep the kids entertained, particularly those energetic ones? Hence, it is best to incorporate things that kids usually do not get to do at home and something that they had least expected, to make their camping a memorable one. Given here are some activity ideas for kids to make your camp a successful and unforgettable trip for everyone.
Camping Activity Ideas For Children
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Hand over a plastic bag to all the kids and ask them to collect nature items that catch their attention or as listed in the quest with clues. Instruct them not to pick, break or damage the natural world. Ask them to be aware of potential hazards such as poisonous plants or animals. This will keep the kids interested in the hunt and encourage them to look around and experience more of nature and the surroundings.
Kids always love blowing bubbles and hence, a small bottle of bubbles will be sufficient to keep the kids entertained. Pick up different types of bubble-blowing apparatus that can make various shapes and sizes. Get the older ones join the fun and have a blast.
Sand Toys
In case you are camping along a sandy beach, what better than buckets can be to keep your kids engaged? Hand over buckets and shovels and let them collect dirt, pinecones, rocks, water, sea shells, and so on. Keep them occupied in sandy delight by building a variety of sandcastles.
Ghost Stories
The nighttime campsite is just perfect for some ghost stories, with cracking embers of a dying campfire and the evening sounds of the forest and its creatures around. Get some ghost stories in hand before proceeding towards the camp and scare your little ones with them right before they zip themselves into their sleeping bags.
If you happen to camp nearby a lake, pond or sea, let your kids spend hours splashing about in the water. However, check with the park ranger or site owner about the safety of the water. Also, check for any danger signs or potential hazards. Get hold of a pair of waterproof ‘jellies’, that is, rubber waterproof sandals, to prevent the kids from treading on anything dangerous in their bare feet. Supervise the younger kids while playing in or around water.
Outdoor Games
Children love to be involved while camping. Hence, you can get hold of inexpensive games, such as tug-of-war, classic sack race, ones that involve balls, etc. You can even try out games that do not involve any equipment, such as hide and seek, I spy, capture the flag, etc.
For those adventurous campers, you can get your family riding bikes and explore the beautiful scenery of the camp site. Carry a map along with you and ride slow so that nobody is left behind. Plan your time properly to make sure that the whole trip is completed and you are back before it gets dark.

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