Have you ever come across people harrying you with continuous friend requests on facebook? Read on to learn how to unfriend people on facebook to have a good socializing experience.

How To Unfriend People On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that allow people to connect and communicate with long lost friends, acquaintances, long distant relatives, and so on. It is an online site that helps a person to share and view information and pictures. It also serves as a platform to make new friends. However, there can be times when some unwanted people access your profile and force themselves in for friendship. Continuous scraps and messages from such people can be disturbing, and you might feel an urge to remove such people from your account. Removing a person from your facebook account or to unfriend a person, thereby denying him/her an access to your account in future, has now got simpler. Feel free to review your friends and decide whether you actually want to be friends with them on facebook or not, by following these simple and fast methods. The lines to follow will provide you with steps to unfriend people on facebook.
Steps To Unfriend People On Facebook
  • The first step towards removing a person from your friend list is to log into the facebook account. Access your account by typing in your user name and password on the website.
  • Once you have accessed your personal account on the facebook account, search for the person you wish to unfriend. It will be easy for you to find that friend if he/she is still spamming you. In this case you can just visit his/her profile by clicking on to the picture or name from the first few wall posts.
  • Once you enter the profile, you can unfriend the person by taking the cursor to the top page over the “friends” tab. Select “All Friends” in the tab. This will take you to the list of all your friends where you can scroll down to the person you want to unfriend. You can also find the person you want to remove from the list by typing his/her name and e-mail address in the ‘search’ box at the top of the navigation column.
  • In case you are still finding it difficult to find the person you want to remove from the list, click on the ‘profile’ tab, while logging into facebook. Take the cursor down to the left hand column. Therein you would find a field of your friends’ photos with a ‘see all’ button at the right hand top corner of the field. Click on the ‘see all’ option and scroll through the list of your friends, until you find the person you wish to unfriend.
  • Once you have located the person you want to remove from the list, delete his/her profile, using different methods that depend on the way you have accessed their profile. If you chose to click on the person’s profile, locate the box with ‘remove from friends’ key at the left hand side bottom. Click on the option to remove the person permanently from your friend list.
  • Once you choose the option, a confirmation box will pop up which will ask you to confirm your request. Confirm your request by clicking on the “Remove Friend” option and the person would out of your friend list in no time.
  • If you are searching for the person through your common friend list, you would come across a grey small box with “X” to the far right of each friend’s list. Click this “X”. A conformation box will pop up, asking you to re-confirm your request. Click on the “Remove Friend” option to complete the process.
  • If you happen to unfriend a person accidentally, just send him/her another friend request to put things back to place.
  • In case when you are determined to remove a person permanently from your friend list and want to avoid any further communication, go a step forward and block the person. Blocking the profile of a particular person will save you from any communication in the future with that person.
  • There are certain applications which though not a part of facebook, are designed specifically to work with facebook. “Unfriend Finder” is one such application to facilitate the unfriend process. The person who has been removed from the list will not be able to see who has removed him/her until the person installs the ‘unfriend finder’ in his/her system. 

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