I-pod scratches can give you some loss of sleep, as no one wants their brand new I-pod looking old with scratches. Learn how to get rid of the scratches here.

How To Get Rid Of I-Pod Scratches

The brand new I-pod was the fruit of a weeklong hunger strike that you had to do at your home. Finally, when you got one, you kept it as the apple of your eye until one day your friend takes it to his home to download some new songs, only to bring back the I-pod full of scratches. The moment you see the I-pod your heart is blown into pieces. Scratches are a common thing that you cannot avoid, you find it everywhere on phones, TV screens, car windows even on the spectacles that are always on your eyes. Sometimes it is just that you cannot withhold these scratches. However, it becomes truly unbearable when something expensive and endearing like an I-pod gets scratches. Although, the scratches wouldn’t affect the function of the I-pod, it still leaves a blemish in your mind. But now you can take a deep breath as you can actually get rid of those scratches that are giving your brand new I-pod a weary look. Learn more on how to get rid of the scratches here. 

Getting Rid Of I-Pod 
There is no specific, I-pod scratch remover, designated only for scratch removing purpose like the ones for the CD-scratch or the one for spectacles scratches. However, fret not, as you can check these tips to get rid of the blemishes that scratches have left behind on the I-pod. 

  • You will be happy to learn that the screens of most mobile phones and the screens of I-pods are made with the same substance. So, to clean the scratches on the I-pod screen, you can use the same solution which you use for scratches in the mobile phone screen. Put a few drops of the cleaner on the surface of the I-pod and gently apply it to the whole of the screen. You can rid your I-pod from most of the scratches with this method.
  • There are certain compounds that are used to clean some of the car parts or polishing the car windows. Well, the good news is that the same rubbing compound can clear the scratches off your I-pod screen. You can find small scratches removed almost immediately after you apply the compound but the deeper ones will take some time. Another good thing about this compound is that it can be used for cleaning the screen as well as the back of the I-pod.
  • Try the eyeglass cleaner; it can also be of some real help. Just like it removes the scratches off the spectacles, it removes the marks of an I-pod also, if they aren’t much deep. Use the eyeglass cleaning cloth also as its soft fibers can help remove the scratches gently. 
The above mentioned measures were for the screen but most of them work for the back of the I-pod as well. Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are few remedies that you can try for the scratches that you find on the back of the I-pod. 
  • Most of the scratches can be done away with a little bit of all-purpose cleaner that you use at home. Try with a few drops and then smudge it to the rest of the case.
  • You can also try the metal cleaning solutions that you use to shine your metallic furniture at home.
  • If nothing works, or if the scratch is deep, apply a little bit of the spray paint on it. There is nothing that cannot be covered by a spray paint. However, make sure that the spray paint is of the same color as your I-pod.
  • The final and last option should be changing the case itself. You can find the spare case in any I-pod stores.

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