To save your old tapes it is better to convert them to DVD’s. Read the article below to learn how to transfer your old video tapes to DVD.

How To Transfer Videotapes To DVD?

Time was when videotapes held the sway. So, when DVDs came on the scene, you were left with box full of videotapes of special family moments and your favorite movies. Left uncared for, these tapes were in the gradual process of degradation as the humidity and improper storage started taking their toll. You also find that even if you keep those videotapes, the joy of watching them in their original form will be no more. After all, the clarity and quality of viewing in a DVD is unmatched. Also in the digital form, there are also less chances of deterioration. So, you do the next best thing possible and that is to transfer all your videotapes into DVDs. With the right equipment and a little know-how you can fairly accomplish this at home. Another benefit is that, after you have transferred your videotapes to DVD, you can even edit and make extra copies without or with little effort. To help you in this, go through the article below to learn more on converting videotapes to DVDs.
Converting Videotapes To DVD
  • A computer
  • A VCR
  • An editing software
  • A DVD burner
  • A video capture hardware 
Via Video Card
  • One method is to transfer the video footage through a video card.
  • The VCR can be directly connected to the computer using the audio/video cable.
  • Some computers come inbuilt with this facility.
  • For superior quality, you can go for a video card with a round S-video jack that can use an S-video cable. 
Via A Video Capture Card Or Devise
  • This is a cheaper and easier option.
  • Here a video capture card is installed on the empty PCI slot at the back of the computer.
  • There are some cards, which can also be plugged into the USB slot.
  • The video card also comes with the required software, which can transfer the video from the VCR. 
Via External DVD Recorder
  • If the computer does not have a built-in DVD burner, then it is better to purchase an external DVD recorder that connects to the computer through a USB port.
  • This technology allows capturing, editing, and burning the video into the DVD. 
  • Special softwares are required to work along with hardware, to capture, compress, and edit the video onto the computer.
  • The digital video software allows capturing of the video from the tape which is then transferred in the computer and then onto a DVD. 
Hard Drive Space
  • The computer hard drive should have a lot of free space.
  • Every four hours of video will require 12-14 gigabyte.
  • If that much space is not available then you can buy an external hard disc.
  • A fast processor and RAM will also make it easier to transfer. 
Method Of Transferring Videotape To DVD
The Connections 
  • The videotape should be inserted into the VCR.
  • Now the cords from the output jacks of the VCR should be connected to the input jacks of the video capture card or DVD recorder. 
Capturing The Video
  • Now run the video software on the computer.
  • Once it is started, select the ‘import’ or ‘capture’ option.
  • Then follow the entire process as directed by the software.
  • At the end, the video will be recorded on the computer. 
Saving The Video
  • Since old videotapes are poor in quality, it is necessary that the video be saved in the highest possible quality.
  • If the space is short then it is better to capture and burn small sections of video at a time.
  • Delete the video from the hard drive only after you have transferred it to a DVD. 
Transferring/Burning Onto The DVD
  • Follow the instructions from the software. There will be a number of quality settings from which you can choose.
  • The best image quality will be if you save a video of an hour or less on a DVD.
  • Better, choose a high quality DVD-R or DVD+R disk instead of a rewritable one.

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