Finding someone’s mail ID is not next to impossible, once you know the right techniques. Read on to find some valuable tips on how to find someone’s email address.

How To Find Someone’s Email Address

You urgently need to contact someone via e-mail, but don’t have his/her email address and you don’t even know anyone who can give you a clue or lead. Thankfully, finding someone’s mail ID is no rocket science. There are several ways through which the internet can help you to locate someone’s mail address. If you know the person’s first and last name, you can simplify the search by employing various techniques. Unless it’s a business mail ID which is easier to find, unearthing personal ID’s can be a little time consuming. Read the article for some tips on how to find someone’s email address.
Tips For Finding Someone’s Mail ID
  • In general, the email addresses comprise of two parts; the email name and the email domain, separated by @. If you know the domain name of the email addresses, i.e. the part between “@” and “.com”, you can simply visit the email website that registers the e-mail address. Use the member search link and type the first and last name of person whose mail ID you are looking for. If the person has a common name, the number of search results will be high. However if the name is uncommon and less heard of, you might as well hit the bull’s eye in the first go. 
  • You can check a previous mail to find some cue. Open the email address and locate the “From” field at the top of the email heading.  You will be able to trace an email address. For example, the “From” field can indicate that the email address is from [email protected]. You can send a mail to the address to find out whether the mail ID is active any longer. If you receive a message stating that the mail was "Undeliverable," it indicates that the ID is not active. In this case, you can go to the host website and use the member search link to see if the user has opened a new account with the same domain.
  • Yahoo People finder can also help you to find someone’s email. Enter the first and last name of the person and click on “Go”. The Yahoo directory will flash a list of mail ID matches associated with the name you have typed. For example, if you search Rena Doe, the search results may display the following matches: “[email protected],” “[email protected],” etc. The yahoo directory results are not limited to Yahoo email members.
  • A general web search can also be tried. Open a web browser and type the first and last name of the person. For instance, type in “Rena Doe”, enclosing the first and last name in quotation marks. Since you have enclosed the name in quotation marks, the server will not isolate the first and last name and search for the name as a whole. This will help to filter out the information associated with singular words, Rena and Doe.
  • If you know where the person works, you can also try to find the mail ID using the corporate domain. You can search the company’s directory to find a particular email address. If the person uses the domain name, his/her mail address could be "firstname.lastname@domainname" or "firstname_lastname@domainname."

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