Isn’t it a relief to be able clear spam for good? Read on for ways to get rid of junk from the mailbox and make sense of things again!

How To Get Rid Of Junk Mail

Life would be so much easier without spam mails that ‘junk’ your mailboxes almost every day! You immediately know something is fishy when you win huge prize money for a contest you have never entered or other unobvious mails that perpetually “phish” for your bank account numbers and PINs. With all the redundant spam mails on contraceptives, diet pills, magical lubricants, credit cards, home loans and everything under the sun barging into your web space and sanity, it is only fair to think of permanent fixes to stave off the unwanted influx. Junk mail, as such unsolicited bulk mail is commonly known, not only clutters your inbox but also welters the environment.
Not only is this annoying stream of advertisements and solicitations sanity sapping, it practically ‘junks’ your time and space, posing a big threat to your privacy, too. Now wouldn’t it have been just great if you could practically eliminate all the spam and save your privacy from getting hacked! Handling junk is hardly rocket science; you don’t really need to be tech savvy to manage your mailbox. Installing a spam filter and being prudent with your passwords and ids can save your e-mail account from getting ‘spammed’. To know more on how to get rid of junk mail, read on.
Ways To Get Rid Of Junk Mail
Protect Your Privacy
If you are an internet junkie, you may have probably heard the gag, “Passwords are like underwear, never leave them in open places”. Funny, but true! Your mail ids, much like your well-guarded passwords, should be kept away from forums/blog comments, newsgroups or any other public portals. Not doing so makes your mail id susceptible to spam bots that are quick to add it to its list of junk mail recipients. Treat your mail ids like your toothbrush. Never let anybody else use your mail id and remember to update it once in every six months to keep your mail ids protected from spam.

Forget Icons, Go Textual!
Every piece of junk can cost you time, money and privacy! Get smart and keep the junk out of your inbox. Wondering how? Well, evading email icons when using your mail id can do the trick. Since bots are predisposed to email icons, using text modifications for email ids like mail [at] gmail [dot] com for instance can fool the spam bot and save your id from getting ‘junked’.

Block The Spam
Spammers may be smart, but not necessarily they be so at your cost! Blocking the validation function of your e-mail address is probably the best way to dupe spammers into believing that your e-mail id is a hoax. You can also install one of those many programs that never allow junk to so much as enter your inbox, bouncing right back to the spam sender.

Get Plugged In
How often have you naively posted a comment on your friend’s new online status message with little doubt or idea that doing so can actually get the spam hitting? If you are heavily into blogging or community forums, installing wordpress plugin can safeguard your mail id from getting ‘spammed’. Not only does this built-in tool offers spam protection, the different defense plug-ins ensure that you get additional protection and coverage. Plugins hide email ids from bots, making your inbox relatively junk-free.

Alternate Options
Did you know that typing your email id on almost any website makes it vulnerable to spam? The last step to battle the bots here is to use a disposable mail address, or DEA. Service companies give you the liberty to have your own DEA that forwards you every mail and spam without putting your original id at stake. DEA’s, though, are high maintenance and always come for a price, but a little extra goes a long way in eliminating the nightmarish avalanche of junk mail!

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