Speeding up your Mac is something you can do yourself. Browse your way through this educational article to find out how.

How To Speed Up Mac

It’s a fast paced life. It’s a life which will see you being left far behind if you are not fast enough for the game. Think of life as a race that you run slowly. Will it make sense if you finish off the race at a pace much slower than that of your competitors? The ‘slow and the steady winning the race’ concept as far as modern times go does not pack a punch enough to beat all odds. It really is a fast eat slow world. This makes man demand speed and where else can it count more than in computers. Computers here however purely stand to signify a Mac. Apple’s Mac is a state-of-the art computer, but even state-of-the-art computers from time to time need to be tweaked and maintained to ensure speed. To do this you do not necessarily need the help of an expert. All you really need is know-how on how to speed up your Mac.

Ways To Speed Up Mac 

Get Rid Of Superfluous Software
Believe it or not, but you may not need every single application and software on your computer. That’s just the truth. Some people like to believe that they need and use everything that’s on their Mac, but that in all reality is hardly the truth. Certain software and applications are being processed by your computer every time you switch it on and switch it off. However, this does not need to be so, because you may not need all of these applications. So by simply uninstalling unnecessary and redundant applications, your Mac automatically gets the advantage of speed.

Oust Uninstalled Language Packs
Not all users are aware of this, but a Mac comes with already installed language packs that make it easy for people who speak a particular language. However, it’s best to retain the language pack you’re using and do away with or uninstall the language packs you’re not using. This, in a way, helps to speed up your Mac.

Monitor Your Smart Playlists
iTunes are the best thing about the Mac for lovers of music; however, smart playlists are extremely capable of adversely affecting the speed of your Mac. Smart playlists can tamper with the working of Apple iTunes because the songs on the list reload every time the program starts. This ultimately can have an adverse affect on the working of your computer. To get rid of this problem you can simply copy the contents of your smart playlist onto a regular playlist.

Run OnyX
OnyX is a system optimizer that sets right disk permissions and carries out various other indispensable functions that include clearing cache, temporary items and old logs. So, if you want your Mac to be as fast as it should, run OnyX when choosing to clear your computer of junk.

Cooling Down Is A Must
Even a machine needs rest and that’s something you need to accept. Most, if not all, people get into the ridiculous habit of never switching off their computers. This is bad news for your Mac. For long life and great speed make it a point to turn off your Mac once you’re done with work and also make sure your CPU fan is going great guns.

Upgrade RAM
One of the best ways to improve computer speed is to add more RAM to your computer. Sufficient RAM ensures your computer is fast enough and that the space and requirements for newer applications and software are taken care of. It is the RAM or ‘Random Access Memory’ that decides the processing speed of your computer.

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