Internet advertising is witnessing an impressive growth rate. However, like any other advertising medium, it has its specific pros and cons. Read on to know what are its advantages & disadvantages.

Pros And Cons Of Internet Advertising

Google first came up with the concept of internet advertising and today a large number of companies are involved in such pay-per-click advertisement business. If you have access to the internet and you are not into internet advertising, you might be surprised with the huge market awaiting you. A lot of money can be churned from the internet, but one has to ensure a careful strategy. You must have come across a flurry of articles which prophecy about internet advertising surpassing newspaper ad revenue and even other forms of advertising quite soon. Agreed, there has been a paradigm shift in the revenue allocation, with online form of advertisement becoming the core of all marketing or advertising plans, however this alone does not justify online or internet advertising as the best medium for marketing the product and services. This article stresses on the pros and cons of advertising on the internet. Read through it and make an educated choice.
Advantages Of Online Advertising
Low Cost
An internet advertisement may seem quite comprehensive in comparison to any other medium, as it is actually cheaper than most of them. Since there is no expense associated with reprinting and redistribution, it reduces the overall cost. An internet advertisement package can be as low as 10 dollars per month or is determined by a set number of “hits”, which varies accordingly with each advertiser.
Determining The Right Target Audience
Through internet advertising, one can target the right audience. The advertisement should be placed in a way so that the right customers can see it. Consider yourself to be a customer and prioritize the most frequently visited sites by you. Now place your advertisements accordingly. If your product is tea, placing your advertisement on a site which sells cookies and not heavy machinery equipments is the trick. Also, if youngsters or the corporate world is what your target audience comprises of, internet advertisement is the best way to sell your product since they are hooked to the internet for most times of the day. And what can be better than the social networking sites!
Relatively Trouble-free
There is nothing more comfortable in the world than placing an advertisement on the internet for the product that you are selling. All that you require is a computer, a well designed site, a careful research of the best available internet advertisement package, best possible advertisement style such as banner, text, pop-up or pop-under, and that is all about it. 
Update Ads
Although commercials on TV need to be updated on a periodic basis to avoid monotony, internet advertisements have no such compulsions. If at all they require updating, it can be easily done without any complexity. 
Disadvantages Of Internet Advertising
Internet advertising is still in its infancy and is a limited market. Although increasing number of people are becoming tech-savvy and availing the web for their benefit, the average customers are still seen to vote for the traditional forms of advertising. Initially, an advertisement’s success was measured by the total number of hits it receives. But, it has been lately observed that viewers do not go on to buy the product. Now, the success rate is measured by counting the number of people who actually buy the product, which in turn is very minimal. 
Additional Costs
Usually one hires a professional, be it a freelancer or some company to design his site and to strategically advertise the concerned product or service. This adds to the additional cost. Although it can be beneficial in the long run if your internet advertisement is successful and the product sells, one can suffer huge loss if it is not so. 
Advertising Overload
One major problem with internet advertising is the cluttered view of a web page. Every advertiser has a competitive edge and wants to grab the attention of every consumer, but with so much information on the platter at a time, it is impossible to digest so much and the consumer in turn ignores most of the advertisements, resulting in low rates of return.

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