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Tea Party Etiquette

Follow these simple tea party etiquettes in order to enjoy the snacks, tea and the gossips without any embarrassing moments coming your way.

Dinner Table Setting

Wish to be the perfect host? Surf through the following tips on table setting etiquettes to refine your fine-dining skills. Read on to know more on dinner table setting here.

How To Throw A Dinner Party

Are you looking for ideas and tips on how to throw a dinner party? If yes, then here are some quick tips on throwing a dinner party.

Fine Dining Etiquette

We all look forward to invites to formal dinner parties, but we tend to fret over our lack of fine dining etiquettes. Read this article and pump up some confidence.

Business Lunch Etiquette

Do you have an important meeting over lunch? Are you worried about how to behave at the business lunch? This article will give tell you how.

Dining Etiquette

A general knowledge and use of basic etiquette can make the dining experience all the more pleasant for everyone. Acquaint yourself with the dining etiquettes and dine socially with confidence.

Business Dining Etiquettes

In today’s world of business it has become imperative for one to learn and follow certain etiquettes during a business dinner or lunch. Read through the article to know more.

Napkin Folding

Add decor to your dining table by learning to fold napkins in a variety of ways. Read the article for step-by-step instructions.

Dinner Party Etiquette

Throwing a formal dinner party requires you to be at the best of etiquettes and manners. Read on to learn basic etiquette tips for dinner party and prepare yourself for such gatherings.

Proper Table Setting Etiquette

Proper table setting etiquette requires a few simple tips for placing the utensils on a table. Read the article to find out how to set your table for dinner by following table setting etiquettes.

How To Properly Use Forks And Spoons

Proper table etiquette requires one to know how to use forks and spoons. Explore the article given below to get an idea on how to use forks and spoons.

Table Manners & Etiquettes

Proper table manner and dining etiquettes are becoming a rarity, in the world where fast-food rules the roost. If you want a brush-up course on them, explore this article.

Restaurant Etiquette And Manners

Table manners are the most crucial form of all the manners, especially when you are in a restaurant. Go through this article to get some tips on restaurant etiquettes and manners.

Indian Table Manners

Every country has its own tradition and manners and each has its own specialty. Read this article to find the table manners which make you a good host or guest while in India.

Japanese Table Manners

In Japan, people follow proper table manners and etiquettes while having their meals. Go through the article to know more about Japanese table manners.

American Table Manners

Table manners should start right from the setting of the table and continue till you end the meal. In this article, check out the basic American table manners and etiquettes.

Table Manners For Kids

Teaching table manners and etiquettes to kids is very important. Go through the article, to know the table manners that are essential for the kids to know.

How To Eat Sushi

Sushi is one of the popular Japanese dishes, which is eaten with specific etiquette. To know how to eat Sushi, read on.

How To Use Chopsticks

Using Chopsticks might seem difficult, but with practice and right steps, it can become second nature. Find out more on basic chopsticks manners.

How To Set A Formal Table

If you are having a formal dinner at your house, you need to make sure that the table setting is just perfect. Check out the etiquette for proper table setting.

Soup Etiquettes

Soup is a delectable dish, usually comprised in the first course of a meal. Though every person has his/her own style of having soup, check out the common soup etiquettes.

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