Are you looking for ideas and tips on how to throw a dinner party? If yes, then here are some quick tips on throwing a dinner party.

How To Throw A Dinner Party

Throwing a dinner party is always fun, be it a backyard picnic, a summer holiday dinner, or just a causal dinner, dinner parties are great excuses to catch up with friends and folks. You may have attended many great dinner parties, but never have thrown one yourself. Starting from planning the date for the party to decorating your home and finalizing the dinner menu, there are lots of things to consider while organizing a dinner bash. If this is the first time you are going to host a dinner party, you may be tense about what the menu should include or how you are going to please your guests. What if the food is lousy and your guests are disappointed? Well, there is no need to stay awake through the night before the party and be fraught with anxiety. After all, dinner parties are meant for fun and socializing with each other. If you are planning to throw a dinner party soon and if you are clueless how to go about it, then read through the sections below for ideas and tips.

Throwing A Dinner Party

Fix A Date
Make it easy on yourself and pick a day and date that gives you enough time to prepare without being rushed. Also, consider the convenience of your guests. If you are planning it during busy holidays, check if most of your guests will be available on that particular shortlisted day.

Prepare A Guest List
Keep your guest list short. Invite only your close friends and family. If you are on a budget, then a short guest list will be easy on your pocket. Plus, you should not overstrain yourself by cooking food for too many people. 

Compile A Guest List And Send Out Invitations 
If you are throwing a casual dinner party for friends and families, you can invite your guests a week ahead through email or phone. If this is going to be a formal party, make sure you invite your guests a month ahead.
Select A Theme 
Select a theme for the party. You can then decorate your house and set the table accordingly. It will also be helpful for you to select the dinner menu. From a candlelight dinner party to more ornate decorations, create your desired ambience. Use flowers, nice linens, and silverware to set up the table. 

The Menu
The next obvious thing in a dinner party is the dinner menu. Plan it well ahead of time. Reflect on the eating habits of your guests while planning the menu. Find out the number of vegetarians and non vegetarians among your guests. Also, select a theme for the dinner. Be it American, Indian, or Mexican, stick to one theme from the starters to the dessert. Keep the menu simple. You wouldn’t want to stuff your guests with food. Let them enjoy each course. Also remember to serve coffee at the end which is considered to be an elegant way to end a meal.

Keep Guests Entertained And Happy
Find a way to entertain your guests and keep them happy. Play a game or arrange a special movie show or just keep the conversation going.

Useful Tips
  • Get out the platters and dishes you need to serve the food and keep them ready in advance. This will save you of unnecessary trouble on the d-day.
  • Complete all the cooking and arrangements before your guests arrive.
  • Dress up nicely for the party and wear a natural smile. After all, to make your guests happy, you should look happy and spontaneous.

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