Romantic dinners make your love life more exciting, more passionate and more delicious. Check out this article for different ideas on a romantic dinner for the just two of you.

Romantic Dinner Ideas For Two

Love has no limits and so does romance. In fact, romance fits in all aspects of one’s life. And what can be more romantic than a dinner with just you and your partner keeping each other’s company? Dinners enable you to relax, connect and enjoy each other. There aren’t any specific rules to a romantic dinner, but yes, the dinner has to be planned well in advance, especially when you are planning to surprise your loved one. Be it at your sweet home or at a restaurant, celebrate the special moments together. Get your imagination going and plan a decadent evening to tempt your special person. Treat your beloved by given him/ her your personal time. Given here are some romantic dinner ideas for two.
How To Plan A Romantic Dinner For Two
  • Hold a red rose and a bottle of wine or champagne and ring the door bell. Wait for your partner to open the door. Once opened, your partner will be surprised. Now, surprise him/ her more with the take-out dinner from his/ her favorite restaurant. This works well when the two of you are living together.
  • Come back home early from work one day (before your partner does) and prepare a delicious meal at home. Complete the dinner with candles, your partner’s favorite music and favorite wine.
  • Ask your partner for a dance, after taking him/ her to dinner to his/ her favorite restaurant.
  • Arrange for a romantic dinner at the local park, by taking some fancy cutlery, dishes, glasses and a tablecloth along with you.
  • In case your partner is sick, prepare a simple dinner, even a chicken soup will do. Be romantic and caring enough to serve it in bed. Complete it with a small rose in a glass and have the dinner in bed.
  • In case you have a fireplace at your home, arrange a table by its side; include lots of candles and fresh flowers. Play smooth, romantic music in the background and have dinner by the fireplace.
  • For a modern romantic feel, use river rocks, floating candles and branches to prepare your table. To create romantic mood lighting, cover your lampshades with a scarf. Instead of the overhead lights, use table lamps and candles. For the menu, include your partner’s favorite dishes.
  • Try a themed romantic dinner at home. Get to know what your partner likes the most and accordingly decide the theme. The themes you can choose from are Oriental, Italian, Mexican, French, East Indian, Seafood, etc. Get placemats, trinkets, cutlery, napkins, music, etc. to suit the theme.
  • Set your romantic evening outside for a delectable dinner or a candlelight picnic. There are numerous options available for the same, such as the beach, a museum courtyard, botanical gardens or an observatory.
  • Surprise your partner by taking him/ her to the restaurant where you had your first date. What can be more romantic than this?
  • Book a corner in your favorite restaurant and get your table prepared with flowers, candles, etc. Ask them to play a soulful music in the background, when you enter with your partner.

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